As unfortunate as this sounds, be careful about where you go to donate! I've been told by an ex-employee of Great Clips that some chain hair salons DON'T send the donated hair, simply because they don't want to pay postage. I just want to make sure this awesome cause doesn't go to waste for any of us, it would be a shame!

To make sure your lovely locks make it all the way, you can have it cut professionally, send it and pay postage yourself(just a few cents), or go to someone you know and trust!

Happy Hair Harvesting!

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Jessica, thank you so much for making this point. It's certainly true that there are business establishments and even charitable organizations out there that are not exactly reputable, so I join you in encouraging donors to be as cautious as possible.

Ah no problem :) I'm so glad you started this! I've always loved guys with long hair and now it actually means something! By the way, I love following you on Tumblr. Great blog you've got goin



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