What is your favorite song of the album and why?

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I think, at this time, my favorite is PlusMinus. I love the lyrics; it's romantic, and I need to think on this some more......

Some time has passed, is it still PlusMunis? :D

"Jet Black Crow" has to be my favorite. Aside from the wonderfully written metaphoric lyrics, the melody sends me on a ride. All his songs... really reminds me to let go and let light. The way these lyrics express human intimacy within ourselves and others is second to none. I always say we work towards the footprint we want to leave on this earth. Brandon once again continues to succeed in this in the most vulnerable of ways. Kudos to him and ALL his projects. Each album, book, painting, work, interview, photoshoot, etc are different mediums yes but his fabric always remains the same.

-Cheers & Thank you for posting this question :)

I share the same song. Beautiful written in music and lyric. I've got nothing more to add to your reason why =). 

Today my favorite is 'Avalanche'.  I saw Brandon's exhibit at the Museum of Monterey, "Flows to the Bay", and I can see this 'wave of debris' on the walls in the museum.  It's such a melancholy song; sad to think of mtns of trash in our oceans....

this one isn't his, but made from trash from the ocean, nonetheless.

One of Brandon's at the exhibit.  Dec. 18, 2012

Thats great! Like it

Great Escape, since yesterday.....

Mine Untethered since the cd player in my car keeps repeating it :)



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