I'm a big listener of 104.5 as I'm sure many of you are here. does anyone know if they've ever stopped into the station to do an acoustic performance before a big show? or for that matter, another philly station?

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That's pretty much the only station I listen to. I used to be a WMMR guy, but those times have come and gone. 104.5 all the way.


Nope, they've never stopped into 104.5, as it's a pretty new station (4 years i believe). However, they have played WMMR (to my knowledge), and played Y100 back in the day (which is when i discovered them, promoting make yourself)

i dont believe theyve ever done an acoustic set before a show but i know they have for other stations (prob from non-philly stations) bc i have heard rarity performances. its def something that they should do! i know they did y100 sonic sessions..(rest in peace to the greatest radio station in philly)
No, they've never played 104.5 or WMMR.  Brandon's done interviews the past few times they've been in town with DJ Matt Cord though.  But nothing acoustic performance wise since they played a Y100 Sonic Session here in Philly probably 10 years ago or so.
I wish they would. 104.5 gets bands to play in their studio pretty often, so maybe it's not so much a stretch either
They haven't but they did a sonic session with Y100 back in the day that brandon did the artwork for, I have it :D
I won this morning!!!!
Congrats! I've been trying like crazy to win these tickets
Thank you! Start texting when you hear the first song and don't stop! That is what I did. I think if you wait for the second song it is too late as there is always a delay with sending texts. Good luck!!!
Ahhh, have my pit tickets, but I just want the trip to HQ. Once in a lifetime opportunity.
I won from them 2 years ago the day before the show :)



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