My best Incubus concert moment was at Festival Pier a few years back. 


It was a wicked sweaty sexy hot July evening, the crowd anxious for movement on the stage.  The event staff were gracious enough to spray water into the crowd, but it couldn't reach the middle, our heated fervor unquenched.


The lights went out.  People began cheering in anticipation.  The first few notes of "Nice to Know You" poured over the shouts and whistles, cameras flashing in the darkness illuminating hundreds of fists raised in the air.  My heart pounded with excitement, as did the hearts of those around me who knew what was coming. 


The music stopped, the final note echoing, suspended in the air above our heads.  It came crashing down upon us like a massive wave, the crowd surging towards the stage in a slick mass of ecstatic bodies.  I was caught in a beautiful chaotic maelstrom, undulating in every direction, swept up in a rapturous human current.


What was your best Incubus concert moment?

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First off, that was a really beautifully written review. Abstract and awesome. Loved it.


I was at that show - was that August of 09? Either way, that sweaty show was something to remember.


Favorite moments I think I would narrow down to three. The sweaty Festival Pier show mentioned, the January show at the Factory, and June 29, 2004 at the Wachovia Center. All three were incredible in different ways. The Factory was sooo damn intimate. I was in the front, right in front of Ben, and just fucking feeling every note so intensely. The Center show was obviously far different, with 20,000 people there. I was on the floor, in a seat, about 25 rows back. A few highlights I'll never forget from that one: Brandon saying "We're gonna play a song that isnt on a CD and you may not know, annnnd we haven;t played it in like 5 years, so here it goes." The low sound at the start of Crowded Elevator began and I started FREAKING OUTTTTT. I'm actually somewhat sure Brandon saw me and laughed, because nobody else was reacting at all. Also, they played the Warmth the best I've ever heard it

ah I was at that same show at Festival Pier! That concert will forever go down as one of the wildest shows I've been to...especially considering it was 110+ degrees out.  Such an incredible show! When they played a totally new arrangement of Dig (, I freaked. SO good! I was right up front- my ribs ached for days and I lost a shoe for good, but it was all so worth it.  I also loved how it was so hot that people were jumping up above the crowd in hopes that they could grasp some cooler fresh air away from the radiating body heat.    


I'm not the biggest fan of Festival Pier, but after every Incubus show I've been to there, I leave with the biggest grin on my face.  I can't wait to see where they play this year :)

I've seen Incubus, literally every time they've played Philly since Make Yourself came out and I have to say that the Festival Pier shows stand out to me the most.  The vibe there is so awesome, and the fact that its not an enormous, annoying amphitheater is a plus for a summer show.  Seeing them live is completely life changing.  The first time I saw them it was at the Tower Theater (November 2000?) opening for the Deftones, and Incubus stole the show as far as I'm concerned.  Ever since then I've become obsessed with everything Incubus and Incubus-related. Of course no Philly show will ever compare to my trip out to Red Rocks to see them.  I love this band!!!

Both times I saw them at Festival Pier were just awesome experiences. The 110 degree one was maybe not quite as good for me though as I had to get out of the crowd about halfway because I had an asthma attack (lame, I know), but they sounded fantastic.


Also, I saw them back in 2004 when they played Hershey. The crowd kind of sucked, but the band was awesome and the setlist was even better. Sadly I was just getting into Incubus and wasn't as good with their older stuff, but I knew enough to appreciate it. They played Take Me To Your Leader, Idiot Box, ACSOG, Vitamin, Glass, and even a cover of Black Hole Sun. Awesome is really the only way to describe it.

I went to these Incubus concerts:


1.  Ozzfest 98, Waterfront, Camden

2.  Sno Core 2000, E Factory, Philly

3.  Ozzfest 2000, Waterfront, Camden

4.  Area One Festival 2001 Waterfront, Camden

5.  Live Show, E Factory, Philly (2001 with Hoobastank)

6.  Morning View Tour, Spectrum, Philly (2002 with Hoobastank)

7.  Y100 Festival 2002, Waterfront, Camden (with System of A Down, Papa Roach, Jimmy Eat World)

8.  Morning View Tour, PNC Arts Center, NJ (Fall 2002 with 30 Seconds To Mars) (this is the last time Dirk Lance was present)

9.  Lollapalooza 2003, Waterfront, Camden (with Jane's Addiction & Audioslave)

10. CROW Tour, Taj Mahal, Atlantic City (2004 with Sparta)

11. Light Grenades Small Club Tour, E Factory, Philly

12. Greatest Hits Tour, Festival Pier, 2009


I'm pretty sure that is all of them.  They were all good times.  I can't wait to check them out again this Fall even though I have the venue in Camden.  I hope I can get the $ up in time.  Times are a lot tougher now!

My most memorable concert moment was during this past tour in Camden.  I scored MYF packages and was rocking it out in the front of the pit.  While they were playing Drive, Brandon was by the edge of the stage close to where I was.  He was singing the chorus and we made eye contact!  My impulse reaction was to blow a kiss to him (I know, how cheesy) but he smiled and extended his arm toward me to catch it.  I could have died and gone to heaven!!!

I later found YouTube videos of that moment (of course, not with me in it) but I get to see him accept my blown kiss over, and over, and over... and over again!!

I just bought my tickets for Festival Pier in May so I'm hoping there will be yet another memorable moment!  And I hope to see you all there, too!



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