Has anyone purchased the MYF VIP Meet & Greet packages before? How much does the winning bid typically go for? What is included in the purchase? And what are the meet & greets like? I'd give anything to meet them.


I have already purchased tickets for one show, but I'd like to get the VIP package for another. I hope they announce the information soon!

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Hey Nicole,
       The meet and greets are AWESOME. They can be pricey as it is ebay, so I would save up a couple hundred dollars just in case...with that being said it is SO WORTH IT because you get:
2 Tickets to the show (and you get let in first, so if there's a pit that means guaranteed front row pit..see pics on my page for proof of how incredible that is)
2 Cards usually designed by Jose which they all sign when you meet them
A bag or t-shirt (last time the bag was designed by Brandon, so beautiful)
and of course the meet and greet.
Picture with the band (!!!!)

So if you divide the price you pay for the package with the person you take, it's TOTALLY worth it..I mean it's worth it either way.

How the meet and greet goes down. You have to arrive at the venue a bit early, you will get an email and all the info from someone in the incubus camp. You all meet and you go in to meet them 10 people or so each. They all sit at a table and you basically go down the line while they all sign your card. Then you get a picture with them all as a group.

They are seriously the kindest people on the planet, and do so much for their fans, it's such a life changing experience I highly recommend it. I've done it their past two tours where I bought tickets to one show then bid on the MYF VIP package for a different date. Seeing incubus twice on one tour and meeting them? Best thing ever.

Hope this helps! xx

Thanks so much! I am now more excited than ever!! I am definitely going to try to get these! Meeting the guys would be worth it alone, but the extra goodies and being first inside for FRONT ROW is icing on the cake! After 5 shows and 12 years, I've gotta meet them!!

Thanks for the info! I'm hoping that they won't be in very high demand in the city I want to buy them for. I can't really afford to go too high with the bidding, even thought they're so worth it! And how soon before the concert did the bidding end? I had to buy tickets to both concerts that I'm going to so that I didn't miss out on good seats. I want to be able to sell them if I buy M&Gs so that they don't go to waste.

How is the meet & greet? Do you get much time to talk to the guys? Can you take a picture of yourself with them with your own camera? Do they sign things (cds, tees, etc.) for you? I've been to a celeb meet & greet before, and thank God I didn't have to pay for it. It was so quick and autographs and pictures weren't allowed.

I'd take you up on that, but I'm going to be out of town when they're in Cincinnati! I'm going to Indy & Columbus instead. Goodluck getting the VIP packages! I'm working on that myself! I'd pretty much do anything to meet them! And I plan on doing it again for the 2nd leg of the US tour! :)

amanda page said:
Im hopefully getting the riverbend m&gs...I will pay whatever it takes...and lucky for u incubus fans out there my husband can't go and I don't want the second to go towaste.....soooo.....if I get them I am willing to give one away but there is a catch. I live in dayton and my husband works in Springfield and we share a car so I would need a ride...but imo it would be worth it for u if u drive because ill be paying for the ticket!!!!
Goodluck to you too Amanda! The VIP packages are supposed to be up today on eBay, but it's noon & I still don't see them yet. Hope they're up soon!
Do they have a buy it now option or do you just bid on it all week?
Just bidding for the week. So far, they haven't drawn much interest.

Brian Mattocks said:
Do they have a buy it now option or do you just bid on it all week?
Can I take pictures of just me and the band?



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