Hey all, I was a M&G winner in Atlanta on 9/19/12 from Project 96.1 and there was a gentleman taking group pictures with the MYF M&G winners and the band as well as with the Project 96.1 winners and the band. The radio station has yet to post the photo or reply to my emails about the picture that was taken. We weren't allowed to take any personal photos and the group photos taken by the guy with the band were the only ones taken. He said he would post the photo for MYF and get the Project 96.1 photo to the radio station. Does anyone have any idea where to start looking for this photo? I have looked in the albums here and on the radio station with no luck. I was fortunate enough to have my musical idol put his arm around me in the photo and I am dying to see it. Maybe someone knows the name of the guy who was taking the picture since he was affiliated with MYF. *shrug* Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Hi, Heather! Our tour photographer is named Justin Wysong, he was probably the one who took the MYF photos for you. They should be up on the MYF site (makeyourselffoundation.org) when he gets a chance to upload them. I'll try to keep an eye out for them for you so I can make sure you get them!

Bless you! I have been looking on the MYF page and was concerned because when I went to the photos section I must have been doing something wrong. When I selected (in order from "latest") the last photos it showed were added in October 2011. And that was his name, I appreciate your help greatly!

There is a special section for the MYF photos, I just have to go find it as I've forgotten. It might take a little bit as he is on the road with the band and access to internet to upload things isn't always perfect!

I figured he was super busy. He made a comment about having it up in about 5 days but if the WiFi was nice to him there he might even get it up that night. No rush really. I just wanted to do my best to find where it should be in case the radio station fails to post it. Thanks again. I joined MYF even though the picture I am in wasnt with MYF folks, it was separate and just the radio station winners. If you come across it, would you shoot the link here, I will keep searching as well. It may just be too soon. I'm sure he is super busy. :)



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