Incubus Live in Jakarta 26 July 2011 at Istora Senayan

Please share your Incubus concert experiences and encounters on their "If Not Now, When?" World Tour (Pacific Rim leg) here!


To take the journey back and relive Incubus' second visit to Jakarta, here is our collection of pics and vids on Facebook during that 4 days of IncuExperience from July 24 to 27, 2011: 

Have a look to reminisce and then share what you have with us here on the Incubus HQ!


And here's a little video from us to Incubus. Hope you all like it :)


Much love, 

Incunesia (Incubus Indonesia)




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Comment by Ressa Dwi Afriani on August 29, 2011 at 7:44am

It was my 2nd Incubus concert. And it got much better than my first one cause I was more well-prepared hehe. 

I made it in the festival area though I could barely see the boys clearly cos I was surrounded by lotsa taller peeps haha, but twas ok tho. I could also finally meet the boys in person. Gee, been more than a month but I can still feel the vibes. And this time, I was both musically and emotionally satisfied for sure. Haha! It was absofuckinglutely fantabulous!

It was really worth the wait and efforts. Thank you Incubus for coming back here, thank you for making me who I am today! :D

Thank you Incunesia for all the opportunity you gave me. It was more than I coulda dreamt of. You guys rock! :D

In nut shell, I might say my 1st concert as my Diploma, my 2nd as my Bachelor, and I'm now pursuing the next degrees! :D Please come back soon! I don't wanna wait for another three years!

Love you to the fullest! <3

Comment by Sandi Humala on August 26, 2011 at 12:08am
it was unforgettable!! n i didn't lost my cellphone this time \(^^)/
Comment by Nyimas Laula Li-An Amie on August 25, 2011 at 8:38pm
Days before the concert was full of tweeting, absolutely to win a pass to Meet&Greet with you guys. Approximately, hmm... 13 M&G Ticket quizes was held on twitter, which I won none of those.

Until finally Incunesia announced about "Banner Contest - Show your ARTsy side!"
I was like been given a tons of light in my head. Enlightened! Because of that one word. A R T. It's like the only way out to brought me to meet you.

So I get my sketchbook up, pencil, drawing pen and watercolor, and start making the "blue print"
When it done, i digitalized it.

Here's the pict.

When the digital ver. is done, i brought it to banner printing shop to get it printed

And finally..

I gave a manual details and outline.
With a bit unsureness, i email this to Incunesia. And pretended this never happened.

You all can guess, I won this contest, for finally will meet your teenage-superhero band because your artwork, a self-proudness! :"D

I was planned to make "Incubus Action Figure" as gifts to them, but I have none of them finished before the concert, because sculpting the faces made me...frustrated. Lol

So i made this as a substitution.

Remember this one, Mr. Boyd? :)
I get this finished after two-days-no-sleep. Broke my drawing pen because of Kilmore's dreadlock hair (it's a though thing to do!), a Sleepy zombie.

This is my first (i admitted as) masterpiece, i feel my skill far improved when drawing this, just beyond my self expectation.

I called them "Neither of Us Can See"

Thought peoples like that one, just got hundreds likes on tumblr :p

Btw, put smiling half-Rennie behind them was epic i think :p

I gave this to Brandon when meeting him before the concert, he said it was very nice. Then i wanna do a handstand and tiger sprung at the same time which is impossible to do! A gigantic happiness!

The concerd was fantastic. I sing to youth, until my voice beg me not to sing anymore. Thank you for playing Rouges, that one was i've been waiting for.

Thank you for being such a heart-warming band. And everything you gave to your fans and the world.

I think I should stop writing before this will turn into a bedtime story :p
Comment by reza fadrizal on August 25, 2011 at 3:32pm
i "reza_fadrizal" am Really PROUD to be INCUNESIAN!
Comment by Hosea Evan S. on August 25, 2011 at 6:38am
Cool videos, i'm sure they'll love it as we all do... Envy is a bad thing, but it's importance became least everytime i see u guys get to met the band personally! :-P


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