Christine started this wonderful thread back on Brandon's FB page. However the discussion section no longer exists thinks to Zuckerberg so we have moved headquarters here! Share every wonderful song you can think of! I will start off with some tunes i've been listening to this week:

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Thanks Christine! Happy New Year everyone :)

Happy 2012 A.D. to all of you! Looking forward to more Incubus in the new year and more music sharing! Thank you Christine for this discussion idea and thank you Mia for bringing it to IWQ :)

My it has been a very very long time since I visited you all here! I hope life has been treating you well and if it hasn't, I hope you have found the strength I know you all have to continue on. I have actually been searching for this thread for a few days now as I found some new music I felt really compelled to share here. It is from someone familiar, Geoff Rickly the lead singer of Thursday. They of course broke up last year but Geoff has continued to make music as he said he would and has released a mixtape of new songs, a cover and a song he wrote as a 'reply' to a song written by Leonard Cohen. We are all familiar with how loud Geoff can be and this is softer but no less dangerous. He has a new FB page and released his new album as a free download and here is the link:

Or you can stream it here and read the lyrics to each song: 

Right now I'm love with:

Going to Hell

and New Sympathies but the whole album is beautiful! 

Hopefully we shall meet again soon and until then, I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays :)

Ho ho ho, it's that time of year again!

Duuuude that Climax song is NICE. Yeah I can't wait for another Incubus concert! Happy holidays!

Glad you liked it Mia! It IS that time of year and so I add my wish to yours for more Incubus in the New Year (we MUST talk to Santa Ren about this) and leave this here:

Ghostlight Orchestra (Jason Boyd's latest band) 

"O Holy Night"

Happy Holidays all! <3

Oh and I'm sure most if not all of you caught that Brandon tweet interchange with Jesus about doing Christmas music and I'm thinking I'd really like him to do something either solo or with the band...thoughts? xoxo

Wait, what? Branded tweeted Jesus? hahahaha. Did you ever see the Lord Voldermort twitter account? That one's funny too. Yeah I think that's a great idea, Incubus should do an entire holiday album. Holiday rock songs are so good. I always love going to Yahoo radio and listening to their Christmas rock station :D

WHOA this Ghostlight Orchestra song and vid is awesome! Thanks for showing it too me!!!! Oh and I seriously played that Climax songs 6 times in a row yesterday. OoooOo the joy of sharing music.


Actually Jesus tweeted him first! LOL I've never seen a Lord Voldemort account! I must now search for this. A holiday album would be awesome and I love holiday rock songs too! I have a Spotify Christmas playlist with Pearl Jam, WHAM!, blink-182, etc. I had no idea Yahoo had a Christmas rock station so thank you for letting me know! 

You are so welcome, I was blown away the minute I heard the GO song and I'm happy it affected you too :) Climax is awesome and I'm still repeating that whole album. Makes me really nostalgic for Thursday but I'm so glad Geoff is continuing on. YES! I love sharing and having music shared! 

That Unwritten Law song is killer btw! It's been added to my Christmas playlist so thank you Mia! 


HAHAHHA! Jesus tweet. Here's the Lord Voldemort account:

Funny, today I couldn't find the Yahoo station because now apparently they're partnered with iHeart Radio, so it's gone! So I spent an hour making my own holiday rock playlist, I found the Blink-182 song, it's so good and so, Blink. Haha!

I'll have to check out Thursday. I know you posted them here before but I don't quite remember if I listened.

Yes the Unwritten Law is my, SO good!

Mia x

I found this Fleetwood Mac cover and i'm just completely in love. > It's been on repeat for the past 2 hours.



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