Christine started this wonderful thread back on Brandon's FB page. However the discussion section no longer exists thinks to Zuckerberg so we have moved headquarters here! Share every wonderful song you can think of! I will start off with some tunes i've been listening to this week:

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A car accident took a friend of mine at 18 the summer right after high school a month before he was to enter an Ivy league university and realize his dreams. I don't know exactly what you are going through Mia but I DO know that I most definitely echo Jess' words. We are all here for you always. I must say that that Incubus song has also been on repeat for me this week! But mostly I've been going a little old skool lol and with the release of PJ20 I've pulled my grunge off the shelf, dusted it and remembered again why that was my HS life. So on repeat for me this week are:

Pearl Jam

Smashing Pumpkins (not grunge per se but def an intrical part of hs and the years just beyond)

and of course Incubus Runaway Train the cover at the concert in Chile <3







Love "Home" Thanks Christine

Christine Ponders said:

Awww....Mia, this is a not only a brilliant idea; finding a new home for our music thread, but it's also touching because it is obvious that the thread was as embedded in your heart as much as mine. Tell you the truth..I was seriously mourning our loss. Thanks to you I can dry my tears.


My contribution. A song I adore for its throwback southern sound and the effortless way it channels Johnny Cash and June Carter.

In honor of our new home....


Natalie, honestly, thank you :) And I'm sorry for your loss. I guess things like this can just remind us the beauty of life and our existence as humans; it doesn't last forever so we should love love love all we can!

Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins are just delightful!

This has been my Complete obsession lately! Love LOVE it:

Ahh....I miss sharing music. My heart, mind and soul are tied into it somehow. As I'm sure all of yours are. I will be back with contributions. But first I want to listen to all thats been posted. I want to let it marinate and ferment because as you all well know....we are all connected and thus effect one another. Be back soon.

Happy Holidays to all you wonderful Incubus fans...and to Incubus and their team of course. :)  

Thanks Christine! Happy New Year everyone :)

Happy 2012 A.D. to all of you! Looking forward to more Incubus in the new year and more music sharing! Thank you Christine for this discussion idea and thank you Mia for bringing it to IWQ :)

I know I'm a little late (story of my life) but....You are welcome Melissa and Natalie! And thank you both for taking part, for sharing.


My contribution for today, this day that honors love, all kinds of love.

A friend sent it to me and now I will send out to all of you. An unconventional love song but I dig it for exactly that reason.


Happy Valentine's Day. :)



I'm in the mood to share some muziq. :)


I just posted this to my FB page and thought why not share it here too. This thread is just perfect for it...


The name of a song that has been murmuring to me all day today for some odd reason. And coincidentally, it is also the name of my maternal grandmother..... who drew amorous gazes where ever she went. I remember as a child what it was like walking with her. She was a celebrity strutting down used, dingy streets. She was known as La Rubia by her admirers because of her carefully coiffed blonde hair. I can't blame them. I found her as striking as they did.

My it has been a very very long time since I visited you all here! I hope life has been treating you well and if it hasn't, I hope you have found the strength I know you all have to continue on. I have actually been searching for this thread for a few days now as I found some new music I felt really compelled to share here. It is from someone familiar, Geoff Rickly the lead singer of Thursday. They of course broke up last year but Geoff has continued to make music as he said he would and has released a mixtape of new songs, a cover and a song he wrote as a 'reply' to a song written by Leonard Cohen. We are all familiar with how loud Geoff can be and this is softer but no less dangerous. He has a new FB page and released his new album as a free download and here is the link:

Or you can stream it here and read the lyrics to each song: 

Right now I'm love with:

Going to Hell

and New Sympathies but the whole album is beautiful! 

Hopefully we shall meet again soon and until then, I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays :)

Ho ho ho, it's that time of year again!

Duuuude that Climax song is NICE. Yeah I can't wait for another Incubus concert! Happy holidays!

Glad you liked it Mia! It IS that time of year and so I add my wish to yours for more Incubus in the New Year (we MUST talk to Santa Ren about this) and leave this here:

Ghostlight Orchestra (Jason Boyd's latest band) 

"O Holy Night"

Happy Holidays all! <3

Oh and I'm sure most if not all of you caught that Brandon tweet interchange with Jesus about doing Christmas music and I'm thinking I'd really like him to do something either solo or with the band...thoughts? xoxo

Wait, what? Branded tweeted Jesus? hahahaha. Did you ever see the Lord Voldermort twitter account? That one's funny too. Yeah I think that's a great idea, Incubus should do an entire holiday album. Holiday rock songs are so good. I always love going to Yahoo radio and listening to their Christmas rock station :D

WHOA this Ghostlight Orchestra song and vid is awesome! Thanks for showing it too me!!!! Oh and I seriously played that Climax songs 6 times in a row yesterday. OoooOo the joy of sharing music.




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