Christine started this wonderful thread back on Brandon's FB page. However the discussion section no longer exists thinks to Zuckerberg so we have moved headquarters here! Share every wonderful song you can think of! I will start off with some tunes i've been listening to this week:

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Very cool! Ok I have always loved Thursday and am currently OBSESSED with their new album No Devolucion especially

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Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart

Turnpike Divides

Past and Future Ruins



i saw Thursday in Atlanta over the summer opening up for Taking Back Sunday and NEVER expected the performance I got from them. I hadn't even heard Thursday's music, though I knew of them. LOVED it and now I am such a fan!

Oh WOW Jessica that is so great! I wanted to see that lineup so bad,Thursday AND TBS! I've loved them since Full Collapse and I've heard that they are amazing live so glad you became a fan :)

Even my friend who didn't particularly care for Thursday loved their performance haha nice choice my dear!

Awww....Mia, this is a not only a brilliant idea; finding a new home for our music thread, but it's also touching because it is obvious that the thread was as embedded in your heart as much as mine. Tell you the truth..I was seriously mourning our loss. Thanks to you I can dry my tears.


My contribution. A song I adore for its throwback southern sound and the effortless way it channels Johnny Cash and June Carter.

In honor of our new home....


i realized when i wrote i didn't contribute, so here 's what i've been listening to all week! it's an indie band I'm completely in love with, named Sherwood. They're very poppy and up-beat, which is what I've needed this week. This song has a special place in my heart, and reflects upon the changes of seasons and the change that comes with it.

Sooo......I've been heavily entwined with 2 sounds lately. One old, one new and both, very much at times, blue. Haha! This poetry shit isn't as complicated as I thought. Watch out Slyvia Plath and William Blake. ;) I joke, horribly I might add, but I joke nonetheless....


My sounds as of late....

She first wooed me with her Lungs and now I swoon within the depths of her Ceremonials. I bow down to Ms. Florence and her lovely Machine. For she brought forth a sound I can abandon myself in, with frightening ease. I submerge and damn if I don't hear myself reflected.


There is not a moment where I do not struggle against the devils swirling around me. I know you can relate...


Tell me...has there ever been a moment when this is your truth? If so....Hello, my friend.


As for my old...

I was drawn to them from the moment I heard Breaking The Girl. Nevermind the fact that I lusted and envied his lustrous silken raven colored tresses. Damn....some boys have all the luck. Their newest offering feels like entering the home of a lost but dearly loved friend. My Favorites. And not only do I L O V E these new sounds created by an old love of mine....but the titles alone will tell you where my head and heart have spent time, let alone the lyrics. Btw....I'm a girl, for those of you who don't know me. One who can fully immerse herself, meaning empathize and sympathize, with the thoughts and feelings of a boy. What a mind f**K that can be sometimes.

Natalie: Thanks for sharing! I really like Turnpike Divides, I’m adding that to my ipod now :)


Oh Christine! So sweet and wonderful. Home sweet home! Yeah, Florence is such a g! Thanks for sharing J I currently have shake it out on repeat:


And the Chili Peppers! Yes! I’m home for thanksgiving and last night, one of my friends was strumming some Peppers songs and I sang along in a high pitched voice bahaha.


So, on a different note… I lost a dear friend of mine 13 days ago. He was 22 and died way too young and unexpectedly. These days have been a mixture of emotions for me. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real and sometimes I’ve come to accept it. A back and forth battle…  But I find writing about it over talking is oddly helpful. And music is a huge comfort to me right now. And these are two songs that, for whatever reasons, are hanging out with me and helping me through:


 So much love for Snow Patrol!


& some Phantogram: 

Ahh...Mia. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Its tragic, always, whether they're young or old because regardless, you carry the loss with you. My condolences.

And I've come to realize that writing your way through it all is oddly enough more cathartic than speaking aloud. It allows for a closer connection to self.

I hope the following will put a smile on your face. You'll know exactly how in a moment..


Apparently the powers that be on the New York airwaves have it out for us rock lovers. They've turned the only Alt/Rock station into news talk radio. And now we New Yorkers that harbor a deep inclination to bang our heads have nowhere to turn, unless we get satelite radio. Well...I ain't got satelite radio so if I'm caught without my CD's I'm forced to listen to the same goddamn pop/dance song on 3 different radio stations, all playing at the same time. What a freakin' travesty.

However....sadly enough...some of it is actually growing on me. And these are those some...

I dig its beat and's sexy..


I once remember telling you Mia that you lost me with Britney. Well...that comment just bit me in the rear because I think she finally found me with these 2. As a former club goer, the club kid in me loves how toward the end of this song the music stops, resurfaces in a muted tone then blows right back up again. Reminds me of REAL house music. And listen...if the world is crashing down around us...I'll be the one dancing till it ends.


Yeah...shame on me. For real...haha!


This one...mainly because I love the lyric..."And if you listen you can hear me through the radio, in that bright white noise."


I'm kinda diggin Rihanna lately...


Who doesn't want be made to feel like the only girl?


Now...after listening to all of the above: Suffice it to say that this rock lover has been left with a very intense ache.










Thanks so much Christine :)

Oh and you just made me really happy:


BRITNEY! Yessss!!! So now that you are kind of onboard (haha) I am going to re-introduce you to my two favorite songs off her latest album. Listen to both at least 2 times and you will surely get addicted!


Love love love love:


Looooove! (haha)


Btw, any of yal know that Britney once sang Happy Birthday to Brandon? If not watch here: 


I HATE that Dev song ahha but I DIG the Cobra song.


And Rihanna is just fucking dope! Have you heard her latest song? You Da One! It’s Super good:


p.s. I’ve been finding SO much good music lately! Can’t wait to post them up! :D

My heart goes out to you Mia! i especially know how that feels, because i lost a friend at a very young age as well. know that we all love you and are here for you at incuworld!

dude, you just can't mess with Britney. period. :)

i'm not too big of a fan of Rihanna's latest but the one before that got me:

 i like to randomly listen to whatever's on spotify's "new" page, even if i haven't heard it before. i kept hearing some really crappy stuff, until i stumbled upon a band called The Antlers, and now I can't stop listening to them! 

Jessica, that honestly means more than words I can write. Thank you.

Yeah, Brit is untouchable! Can't believe she just turned 30! We're getting old... :/ haha

We Found Love is so good and deep and... ahhhh! 

The Antlers song is quite enjoyable.

Here's some music i've been listening to:

Washed Out

Childish Gambino

Super chill:

Hold me down by Incubus <3



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