For me, Incubus has always been one of those bands that has used their notoriety in a responsible way. With carbon-neutral concerts, the Make Yourself Foundation's many donations (,Brandon's recent partnership with Hurley to bring awareness and funding to benefit the trash gyres (, the band's involvement with Surfrider, and benefit shows like the one for Amnesty International in Portland, the band has done enough good to deserve their success many times over. In these efforts, in Brandon's solo album, and in INNW, I can't help but hear a plea and call to action from the band to make people aware of what we have been doing to the planet and each other and to do something about it.


I propose that we let the band know that we have heard their message and try to make our fandom as meaningful to the world as their artistic efforts have been. Let's organize bike and public transit rides to shows, donations to Make Yourself with or without backstage passes in return, make the incubus fan base a vessel for the band's ideas for good. Throw out your ideas for ways that we can do this and try and give back to Incubus.

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i participate in park and beach cleanup in the town i live in. i am going to school for horticulture and sustainable growing practices and would always like to make a difference. if anyone has any ideas i will always try them, especially when it comes to providing people with healthy sustainable organic happy food. it can be organic all day long but if it was mistreated during it life does it matter what it ate?
This is a wonderful post and I love your ideas!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!
Nice Andrea! I think it would be cool to get a bunch of Incubus fans in the same area to do things like beach clean ups together.



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