For all that do not have time to catch one of Steves Morning Briefing, or know anything about whats been going on the last few weeks i will let you into the loop a little.


Incubus are scheduled to play 2 german festivals in June, and with them being so close, they are popping into the UK to do some promo, since our radio stations are about as useful as a soggy papertowel!! 


Soooooo ... what we know so far is, that they will be landing in London on Sunday 12th June... and that the 14th might be a date you want to keep free for a special event aka a gig!! So get brushing your friends off, playing sick at work and make sure you can be there!!  Not that Anyone would condone such actions ;-)


The date could change if something goes wrong, but more details like the venue and time will be confirmed as soon as ren can let the cat out of the bag, and i will be sure to post it here!!


Lets just say... Steve might also have some surprises for some lucky members in this group as well, so if you know anyone from the UK who is on here, and not part of this group, please tell them to join!!


Anyways guys!!

Over and Out, feel free to pee your pants with excitement now!

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Blimey, you're no use at all! Unless you buy me a beer per-gig of course! ;-) 

Have fun,what you down for?



is it likely to be one ticket per person through presale do you think?

graham how the hell did i end up having to buy you a beer? ahaha... Im going to London to photograph a friends wedding. Should be fun seeing some old faces i havent seen in a while where are you going?


Holly im not sure, but i think it might be 2 tickets at least.

Yup, i thought I angled that well, and I too am at a wedding, my nieces in Cumbria on Saturday, then football in Manchester on Sunday.  I hope we both have fun!
Oh I'm starting my new job next week...can't do a sicky that early in my new job... :(  Will be waiting to hear about tour dates though...can't wait to see them again :)
Does anyone have any idea about ticket prices? I want to buy L.A. Noire, but also want to make sure I have enough money for tickets haha
No idea on price yet David sorry! lol

As confirmed today presale links and passwords will be send our prior to the presale on the 1st June.

Has there been any confirmation on the amount of tickets going on presale? willl there be enough for the UK people wanting tickets on here?

2 per person?

All would be great to know

Will the presale links and passwords be posted on the website here? Keep missing the daily update things whilst at work!!
They will be posted into your inbox, so you should get an email to say you have a message

I havent had anything as yet? Maybe tomorrow?


Why oh why does this have to be right in the middle of exams! :(




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