Earlier today whilst in the HQ chat I saw that people were struggling to get tickets.  I know there are some of you out there that have extra tickets they are happy to sell.  If we all collectively go on one forum to post what you have it would make things easier for you and the one wanting to go to the gig.


Once you sell your ticket if you could just make a comment saying GONE it would be great. 


I hope everyone gets a benefit out of this.


See you at the preforum meet up and at the show.

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I am looking for a ticket. Or two. Please message me. Thanks
TBW i'll keep my eyes posted for any tix for you.
That's really sweet. Thank you Erika.

I have two seated tickets I got from the pre sale, but couldn't manage to get a hold of two standing tickets. I'd really really love to swap my seated for some standing tickets and am willing to pay a lil bit on top for the benefit (but nothing extortionate)


If anyone needs seating for whatever reason and has standing I would absolutely be infinitely appreciative if you could help me out.



I am looking for one ticket. I will take either seated or standing.
I have one standing spare...
Chris could you hold the ticket for TBW and i will let him know or you can send him a message.

Chris Bodell said:
I have one standing spare...
If anyone has a spare ticket I would very very much like one, tried this morning with no luck : ( x
Bella i'll do my best to find you.  In all fairness i'm working from the first person who asked then so on and so forth. 

Bella said:
If anyone has a spare ticket I would very very much like one, tried this morning with no luck : ( x

Since I have no money my brother who lives in Japan tried to buy me a ticket this morning. Unfortunately he had no luck so if any of you want to help him be the best brother in the world please let me know :)

He keeps trying for me on ticketmaster and is very upset he wasn't able to surprise me, please let me know if you have any tix left!!!


I'd prefer a standing ticket (downstairs), but anything will do!!!


Thanks guys,


I have a spare standing ticket for sale, the person I was supposed to be going with dropped out. I've put this on the other groups but I thought I would put it in here as well =) 



Hi Chris.  Am desperately trying to get hold of a couple of tix for the show.  If you haven't sold it already, how much would you like for it?

Chris Bodell said:
I have one standing spare...



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