So lets get this place fired up again! What would your perfect setlist be now with the addition of the INNW to the discography? Using 20 songs including the encore.

I think id really like a different type of setlist this time round. Id love to hear a few cheeky b - sides too. Things i havent heard before. A girl can wish! :-)... all the avid Science type fans will probably hate this setlist but here it goes ahaha.


2.Anna Molly


4.Pardon Me


6.Talk Shows on Mute

7.Southern Girl


9.Surface to Air

10.Black Heart Inertia

11.In The Company of Wolves

12.Why all the Vultures Feed

13.Hold Me Down

14.Make Yourself

15.Nice to Know You


17.If Not Now When?


18.Certain Shade of Green

19.Look Alive

20.Wish You Were Here

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Jen - can we chuck a bit of New Skin and Pantomime in there please??

I desperately want to hear these songs live again but I fear time is running out...


both of them were potentials when i was making it so i say hell to the yeah!

So now we just need to convince the band to play the dream set-list!
How difficult would it be to get Ren on board??

1. Make a Move

2. Wish You Were Here

3. Consequence

4. Pistola

5. Circles

6. Midnight Swim

7. Nowhere Fast

8. Light Grenades

9. Vitamin

10. Punch Drunk

11. Here in my Room

12. Favourite Things

13. Have You Ever

14. Out from Under

15. Leech

16. Sick Sad Little World

17. Aqueous Transmission


18. Megalomaniac

19. Green

20. Tomorrows Food

(Not 100% on the order)

1. A certain shade of green

2. Adolescents

3. Echo

4.Black Heart Inertia

5. Anna Molly

6. Make yourself

7. Punch Drunk

8. Isadore

9. Megalomaniac

10. Summer Romance

11. Smile Lines

12. A crow left of the murder

13. Pardon Me

14. Surface to Air

15. Switchblade

16. Echo

17. The Warmth

18 Drive


19. Sick Sad Little World

20. Are you in?

Ahh I actually need Tomorrow's food!!!!!

1 Megalomaniac

2 Just a Phase

3 Agoraphobia/Hilikus

4 Privelege

5 Make yourself

6 When it comes/Leech

7 Drive

8 Dig

9 I miss you

10 Punch Drunk

11 Mexico

12 Are you in

13 Redefine

14 Consequence/Under My umbrella

15 In the Company of wolves

16 Sick Sad Little World

17 Anna Molly


18 Pardon me

19 Switchblade/A certain shade of Green

20 here in my room/Aqueous transmission

Im fully aware that there will be more from the new album and I didn't get as much of 'Fungus Amongus/ S.C.I.E.N.C.E./Enjoy Incubus' in as I would have wanted but aw well


I want all the songs!


1.Nice to know you
3.Idiot Box
5. Thieves
6. Consequence
7. Warning
8. Quicksand
    A Kiss to send us off

10. Punch Drunk
11. Switchblade
12. The Original
13. Just A Phase
14. The Warmth
15. Talk Shows on Mute
16. Pantomine


17. Nebula
18. Drive
19. Wish you were Here
20. Pardon Me



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