Tuesday May 03 - 2011

Here is an update on the Video chat with Ren tonight! I got in a few questions and ren answered them.

Ren started off saying he had a meeting with Sony Australia @ 4pm L.A time to discuss "a little band called Incubus" Explained that they were going to start sorting out things and getting incubus on the radio ect..

I mentioned how Incubus are still very "underground" in Australia but the fans they have here are very loyal. I asked if they would ever do a secret gig again like the one @ Bondi in 2001/2002.
He said "I was at that gig in Bondi but the problem with secret gigs is that we have ex amount of gigs to work with over the course of a year and a half, Although we realise everyone would like to see Incubus in a small and intimate set-up its tough because its ok for the 400 ppl that get to go but there are 10 times that amount of people pissed off that they couldnt get in".
So this time around there will be no secret gigs they will play to as many people as they can.

Ren went on to mention that he looked on the HQ site again last night to see how many people have joined a group & said It looked like not many people were joining the groups. 

He Said "We are going to do a promotion for the IHQ in every single market that we play this year, every single show! We are going to give away a small number of tickets & backstage passes for people who are apart of IHQ, The only way that we can indentify people and contact them is to be able to identify people by market"

By this he means if Incubus are playing in London he will obviously look for the london group to give away the london tickets. so if your from Sydney you're in the right place!

He closed the lid on talk about the "Monumental" idea they had for Australia.
"We have been working on something that we thought was going to be great. Someone wrote a song once saying silence is golden, But let me tell you in the music industry silence means somethings not happening. So im going to say that great idea we had for Australia is probably not happening".

Ren also said its more likely Incubus would be here in Australia in the first quarter of 2012... So we still have a while to wait guys.
Someone asked if they will be coming to do there own shows in Australia or touring with a festival
ren said he agrees that it didnt seem to work with the festival (2008 soundwave) and they will be coming to do there own shows!

I asked Ren how the pre-sales were going and If he could give a figure (I was curious) He said "They are going really well but I wouldnt be comfortable giving a figure."

Towards the end I asked Ren what his handi-cap is ? As he seems to be a bit of a golfer,
He replied "Shaun its going up! Its at 3.5, This Incubus stuff is hard work" haha!
Im not sure I believe him :P



Wednesday May 04 - 2011

Ren started off with some Frank Sinatra & a big Waaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuppppppppp!
"I hope your bosses are Incubus fans because the Jose Pasillas/Ben Kenny live video chat is today"

"We are going to be speaking at the San Francisco music tech conference its kind of a technology meets the music business type of get together & Mike and Brandon are going to be doing an interview from an Artist perspective. I bet they have some interesting things to say after recent events" (Album Leak)

I asked him how the chat went with Sony Australia
"Wow you guys remember everything don't you,  The chat with Australia went well & we talked about alot of different things, they kind of gave me a little overview on the record business and current state of affairs over there in australia and we talked about pottential touring ideas, I did mention to the folks at Sony that It doesnt seem like a whole lot of folks in Australia are too interested in seeing us on any festivals and I tend to agree with you on that. we'll see how all that plays out'

There will be a TV performance on David Letterman & one in Germany June 15.

Some one asked Ren what do I have to do to get a small Interview for my small website?
ren replied "You would have to talk to our press people & if i can give you a bit of marketing advice there I would change my approach. I want to get in touch with incubus to do a great interview for my unbeleivable website is how I might have said that" hahaha

Someone suggested Ren should attend some AFL in Australia,
"If we have some time I would love to, But I have a feeling what I would really love to do.. theres some fine golf courses down there in Australia and If im going to bang around a ball it would probably be a golf ball"


I asked Ren if Incubus are the only band he managers? When they have a 5 year break that must mean alot of golf!
"Well Shaun they are the only band I manage, I used to manage multiple bands, But stangely enough I left the managment buisness to go and work for Sony. It was a tough business. Most of the time you spent most your time trying to convince everybody & sometimes the band included to do things that might actually be good for them but nobody wants to do. But every good idea was somebody elses and every bad idea was mine. So I gave up being a manager and went to work for Sony & met Incubus. True story! I told the boss as we were looking to sign them that I was so impressed with them that I might break my band on managing another band & I did. So I left the company to go and manage Incubus but Ive kept true to my word, Ive only made one exception that ill never be a manager again and that exception was Incubus and so far its been a great decision and yes I get to play alot of golf im very lucky"




Thursday May 05 - 2011

There was no Morning Briefing as Ren was busy in the office 


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Nice review, for those us who missed it I think you covered all the main points.


That's awesome about the backstage passes, I'm happy to pay for my tickets to the shows, but I'd love one of those money can't buy backstage passes...!!!


Maybe we can organise a golf game with Ren when they are in Sydney to see how good he is...!!

Awesome Update!!
Can't wait to hear the new album. Man I agree with Chad im happy to pay for a ticket but I'd love one of those backstage passes.
Adolecents is sick! I pump that track in quicksilver Sydney everyday.

Jay, A.K.A Awesome A.K.A I have Incubus Tats! 
I have added Wednesday 4th to the discssion
Hey Guys Quick update, Im still catching up on the morning briefings as ive been busy!

Ren said Incubus were offered the 2nd slot under Van Halen for Soundwave evolution but couldnt do it.
Also If you havnt pre-ordered the album you should do so now! The surface to air track has been mixed and is getting released to the pre-orderers next week also talks o a t-shirt bundle too!! dont miss out.

Ren was going to play the track but couldnt find it on his harddrive so 11pm Monday night our time watch his morning breifing if your super keen to here the recorded version of surface to air
I feel, that while there doesn't seem, to record companies, that there is a large fan base for Incubus in Australia, nothing could be further from the truth! This country's youth doesn't always buy through legitimate sources but that should no way lead anyone to think that there isn't this mass following out there. Even an old fart like me at 51, would love nothing better than to see Incubus tour here again. I saw Incubus when they first came over and loved it and can't wait to see them return. Infromation passes through different channels in Australia and word of mouth is what gets info out there. If people know their are going to be concerts on, then word will spread like wildfire and I guarantee those tickets will be snapped up in a jiffy. Thank you for keeping us informed. INCUBUS....INCUBUS.....INCUBUS!!!!



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