Steve Renman A.K.A Ren (Incubus Band Manager) has said Australia won't be included in the "Pacific Rim" Tour but said we can expect the band to arrive on our shores possibly late this year or early 2012. Ren Also mentioned last night that Singapore will get a visit when they come back for Australia. As soon as Ren makes the tour dates available they will be up on INCUBUS SYDNEY AUSTRALIA


Ren has hinted about this "monumental" plan that he has for Australia & If they can pull it off it will be great...
What could it be...??? Another fesitival Headline...??? Another Soundwave Headline like 2008...???
Hopefully not! I would much rather see Incubus come out to do there own shows but If they were to do a festival I hope its Big Day Out and they headline.

Ren gave a reason for Australia being postponed on the first tour.
He says Australian radio stations are slow to play new music which is why he is giving the Country a bit more time for the album to get out there and hopefully get a little air play before the band comes out.

I will be starting a thread on how to get Adolescents on the radio here in SYDNEY. 
So check that out & lets start getting Adolescents on the Radio here in SYDNEY first!!


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