Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that we're merging this group with the other Michigan group to clear up any confusion. This one's going to be deleted on June 7th. If you aren't already a member of that one, please click http://incubushq.com/group/michigan%C2%A0to to join. Thanks everyone!



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Hey Christina, Thanks for the heads up on this, fortunately I was already a member of both :) just covering all my bases I guess.  I'm soooo excited I can hardly contain myself...I got the pre-sale code and "Promises, Promises" download today.  Things are really starting to happen!!!  Tomorrow we'll find out  when/where they'll be coming to Michigan.  Will you still be running or co-running the other Michigan group?  I hope so.
Oh wow, that is very exciting! I would really like to help co-run the group, I'll have to maybe work something out with whoever runs that group. I'll keep putting in my two cents! Haha.
Just kidding! We're no longer getting deleted. Due to the group consolidating, our name was changed but this group is here to stay! :)



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