UPDATE 6/6/2011


thx to Clemence! I'm all set w/ the banner now. For any folks that win the MYF VIP Packages, look for this banner to assemble by:







I know what I need, by my art skills aren't that good.  This is going to be an ACTUAL banner that I'll use at the shows around the world.  This banner will be used to show MYF winners where to assemble for their meet and greet before the show.  I need the art by Monday May 22nd. Hit me back/post any questions.  Thanks y'all.

You can download the templates here:



Illustrator:  http://businessprinting.van.fedex.com/vp/ns/propath/DownloadTemplat...


Download the MYF logo here (EPS):  http://www.box.net/shared/static/7ve502ft4s.eps


If you want to use the MYF font, you can download the font here.

Your banner may be too big to upload to our website so I suggest uploading it to mediafire.com or something similar, then post a small version of your graphic at IncubusHQ with a link to your file.


Here's kind of a crappy version I made that will give you an idea of what I need (the banner will likely sit on a stand).


Super basic legal stuff (boring but necessary):  Incubus and MYF retain ownership of any art that is uploaded here.  You waive any rights or compensation to the art.

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Hey Jake, here are my attempts at the MYF banner. If there is a colour theme for the tour and all its merchandise this could be filtered into the design. Also if you need an arrow, then i have a copy of this design with the arrow in-between the birds and the meet here text. Thanks. Jen x


Hi Jake.. here is mine attempt, I've an copy with an arrow too.


here is mine:




thanks Jake for letting us being a part of this.



another one 


wow i love the ones that Clemence has contributed.

OMG! that's amazing! thank YOU Jake  :D


and thanks Sketchwish ^^

so much compliments to clemence!!!

very beautiful! ;)

Bravo Clémence ;)
thanks Valentina and David! :D



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