Hey all – In his morning briefings here at HQ, Renman has asked Incubus fans to promote the new track ‘Adolescents’ to local radio stations around the world. Sony needs a little encouragement to get up and do some of this themselves.  The feeling is if fans show how passionate they are about it, Sony will be inspired.


I’ve been contacting Triple M in Melbourne and requesting the track via their contact form. What do you say we ALL contact them? I say we overwhelm them with requests for airtime of the track in Australia.


I’ve been hitting them up here: http://www.triplem.com.au/melbourne/contact


Feel free to request in your own city/state, but if we concentrate on one (Melbourne) – well, we all know about the multiplier effect.


Open to other ideas too, share them round!

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No way! About time hey.


Still, simulcast. Not like Triple M made the decision themselves to air it. They probably just approve Radar in general.
I was in NZ 2 weeks ago and I heard 3 different Incubus songs on the radio over there and I wasn't listening to the radio much. I was quite impressed. Its wasn't the new song 'Adolescents' but at least the Rock station over there plays them. If only the Aussie radio stations could be like us Kiwi cousins then of course Incubus would be here in a flash. Its such a shame what the 'Commercial' stations here brainwash us with... Its all complete rubbish. If only they would listen to what the 'people' what to hear.

I heard Pardon Me on the radio back in december and was shocked and i kid you not...i heard Are You In? on Nova last year...i swear thats the truth. I was stunned haha. I could only see adolescents on triple j and maybe triple m...maybe

I was at the movies the other day, and in the foyer 'Love hurts's was on! and I went to a local surf store and they had 'are you in'. none of these were on radio however :(
Adolescents clip was on Rage late last night/this morning :)
To my surprise 'Promises, Promises' has been getting regular airplay on Triple M in Melbourne. I've heard it at work a few times now. Totally random and sounds very out of place but I guess its all good exposure for the band. Not sure what the bogan listeners think of it though....
I hear Drive on the radio alot and then occasionally I'll hear Are You In? and Wish You Were Here. A friend in melbourne told me they have been playing Promises on Nova quite alot.



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