did anyone else see the teeny little story in the herald sun announcing a show at festival hall on Feb 8th?!?! or did i just imagine it!? :p

i can't seem to find anything on the net, but maybe it's too early....

OH MY GOD!!!! i am bursting!!! :) :) :)

let's keep each other posted!!


love and light xxx

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Feels like I have been waiting forever for this day!!!!!!!!! 
Awesome awesome awesome!! http://www.ripitup.com.au/article/4275
Yes, WTF no Perth?!!! They're goin to Adelaide but no Perth?!!! Soooo pissed!!

18gidge said:

No Perth... Boo!!! :(


Time for me to book flights to the eastern states again!

MCP had a link about pre-sale, sign up for their newsletter and hopefully the info comes through!! :)
such a shame about Perth, I find it strange they aren't going there? but hopefully you can go to Adelaide to see them!!


sydney folk - what's Hordern Pav like? Is it outdoor? I'm looking into flights as we speak... (FYI melbourne friends...looking like $120 with Virgin for a Fri. morning)


Any word yet on whether MYF packages are being offered?
Also...Brisbane or Melbourne?...I can only afford one!
@Lexi....I haven't seen anything yet!! there's not even anything on their facebook pages about the tour so i'm guessing it'll be up soon!! i don't think they usually do MYF packages when they come here? well, not that i ever saw anyway!! but here's hoping!! :)

well i'd say Melbourne but that's because i'm biased.... ;)

As posted in the Melbourne gig event page...
Onsale to General Public

Start: Wed 28/09/11, 09:00

Incubus Fan Club Presale

Start: Fri 23/09/11, 14:00
End: Mon 26/09/11, 12:00

Michael Coppel Presents Presale

Start: Mon 26/09/11, 14:00
End: Tue 27/09/11, 17:00

My Ticketmaster/Ticketek Presale

Start: Mon 26/09/11, 14:00
End: Tue 27/09/11, 17:00


Tix $89.90

Also Fi...


The Hordern is indoor. Standing and seating available. Not a bad venue

I'm pumped that they are coming, but bummed they aren't making it to Perth.  I'll be another travelling east for the tour so I don't miss out. 


I wonder if they can do some VIP sessions, meet and greet stuff etc.

I'm definately going to the sydney show and maybe brisbane also!

hahaaa! Festival Hall wasnt their first ever tour?!?


Their first Melbourne show was at the Palace, St. Kilda, August 2001. Just after Make Yourself came out and they played so much stuff off Science. Was def their best show out of the 6 times ive seen them.


Who's got details on presales??? im having a lot of troube finding out about it?

Fi Wilkinson said:

thanks guys!! i knew you'd all be on the ball!! :)

i'm so going to Melbourne & Sydney!!! Festival Hall is a perfect venue, that's where they played on their first ever tour!! how poetic!! :) :) :)

well then, aren't I just an idiot! thanks for pointing that out!

good luck getting tickets everyone!



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