I remember my sister who is three years older bought the Make Yourself album after hearing Drive. I think I was about 14 and she was driving me home from school and after hearing The Warmth and Make Yourself, I seriously felt changed as a person. I stopped caring what other people thought and just tried to be the best version of me, and ended up making so many friends and great acquaintances. I bought every single record they put out and have been a devoted fan ever since. All of their music seriously helped shape me as a person during my young days, I'm so glad & grateful! Total incubus NERD. don't judge me. ;) xx

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I think I was somewhere from 10-13 years old when I got my first dose of Incubus. I was watching MTV (back when they played music, ha) and the video for Drive came on. I was sucked in quickly, but the thing that REALLY sucked me in was the part in the video where, correct me if I'm wrong at some point, Brandon finishes the line "hold the wheel and drive" while looking into the camera, and then he averted his attention to the band who proceeded to dogpile him. The split second that really hooked me was the part where he sat back up...THAT SMILE! Ohhh man that smile really got me haha. The rest is history. Right now, I think if you called me "obsessed" that would be putting it mildly XD

I was a kid and didn't have many friends, but listened to A LOT of music. Make Yourself had came out and a local radio station was playing "Pardon Me" a lot and I really liked it because it was different from a lot of the things I was listening to at the time. Brandon's voice plus the guys musical ability makes for the perfect mix. I've been a fan ever since and that will never change.
i was working at Stride Rite and my coworker would always play their CD, Make Yourself.  i had no idea who they were but The Warmth and Out From Under always caught my ear.  she told me who they were and she said the lead singer has the best abs and was certain i must've heard Drive once in my life, but i hadn't.  then i went out and bought all their CDs up to that date which was A Crow Left of the Murder.  that's how my "healthy" obsession with Incubus began :)

I must have known of Incubus before Morning View came out because I remember anxiously waiting for stores to have it. I don't know which song introduced me to Incubus it was either Drive or their single Wish You Were Here. Don't judge me for not remembering! It's all a blur :/

Morning View was the first album I ever bought, I fell hard (in love) and since then Incubus has my #1. 

I've loved Incubus since the Make Yourself album dropped around 1999/2000. I remember when Pardon Me came out. I saw the music video first and fell in love with their sound and presence. It was one of the "new artist" featured videos that week. I've bought all of their albums since. They were a constant through high school for me and helped me get through some very tough times. They have continued to be a go to and one of my top favorite bands of all time.



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