Hey guys,


If you could pick Incubus' setlist for one show, what would it be?


I would like to hear a lil bit from each album. So, I picked 3 songs from each and I think they flow really nicely!


1. Megalomaniac

2. Idiot Box

3. Talk Shows On Mute

4. Adolescents

5. Warning

6. Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

7. Drive

8. Pardon Me

9. Oil and Water

10. In the Company of Wolves

11. Dig

12. Anna Molly

13. The Warmth

14. A Certain Shade of Green

15. Sick Sad Little World

16. Wish You Were Here

17. Friends and Lovers

18. Are You In?


And a throwback encore:

19. Take Me to Your Leader

20. You Will Be a Hot Dancer

21. Trouble In 421

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I think my perfect set list would be a lot of songs that were not singles. Songs that real fans know, but obviously some singles would have to be included.


1. Megalomaniac

2. Nowhere Fast

3. Pantomime

4. Look Alive

5. Vitamin

6. Pistola

7. Make Yourself

8. Warning

9. Croweded Elevator

10. Quicksand

11. A Kiss to Send Us Off

12. Wish You Were Here

13. Stellar, but the version where they break into the Police's De, Do, Do, Do, De, Da, Da, Da.

14. Under My Umbrella

15. Talk Shows On Mute

16. Redefine Acoustic

17. Cloudeater


18. Clean

19. Just A Phase

20. Priceless



1. If Not Now, When?

2. Megalomaniac

3. New Skin

4. Nice To Know You

5. Isadore

6. Make Yourself

7. Sick Sad Little World

8. Let's Go Crazy (That song gets EVERYONE AMPED)

9. In The Company of Wolves

10. Promises, Promises

11. Adolescents

12. Under My Umbrella

13. Privilige

14. Just a Phase

15. A Crow Left of The Murder

16. Dig

17. A Kiss To Send Us Off

18. Switchblade



19. Pendulous Threads - that song live is orgasmic!

20. Out From Under - GAHHH!!! That epic scream!!! Jesus!! I heard it on my birthday in 2007 and it was just the best birthday present I could have ever gotten!!

21. Crowded Elevator!!! YESS!! Bust that shit out PLEASE!!


Crowded Elevator

Midnight Swim

While All the Vultures Feed



Favorite Things

A Crow Left of the Murder






the Warmth

Nowhere Fast

Anna Molly

Just a Phase


Out From Under


Wish You Were Here


Tomorrow's Food

ADMIRATION!!! I would die to hear that live!! and Out From Under live is orgasmic, believe me!

I can't made up my setlist 'cause the new disc is not out yet, but at least I would hear a live version of the Movemets of the Odyssey. Or at least Follow.

But in my personal opinion Clean, Under my Umbrella, Sick Sad Little World and The Warmth are needed in every setlist!

My preferred setlist would include none of the new songs (except Surface To Air), plus virtually no singles, so it's far from realistic at this point. I would be insanely happy with a setlist like the one for the miners in Chile, that's for sure.


A Kiss To Send Us Off
Idiot Box
A Certain Shade Of Green
Make Yourself
Nowhere Fast
Sick Sad Little World
Light Grenades
Punch Drunk
Blood On The Ground
Have You Ever

New Skin
Surface To Air
The Warmth


Let's call that the high-energy setlist.

Intro with Midnight Swin

A Kiss To Send Us Off


The Warmth

Wish You Were Here

Sick Sad Little World


Anna Molly


A Certain Shade Of Green


Made For TV Movies

Are You In ?

Pardon Me

Love Hurts

Idiot Box

Make Yourself

Oil And Water


Aqueous Transmission


Paint It Black (Rolling Stones's cover)

Monuments And Melodies


And after the new songs ....

the perfect setlist would be every fucking song ever!!! by incubus! hahahaha but ok here it goes


1-Certain Shade Of Green

2-Summer Romance

3-You will be a hot dancer

4-Nice To know You

5- Anna Molly

6- Nowhere Fast

7- The Warmth

8- Surface to Air

9- Look Alive

10- Make Yourself

11-Kiss to send us off

12- Sick Sad Little World

13- Crow left of the Murder

14- Adolescents

15- Martini

16- Punch Drunk

17. Warning

18. Smokeing the herb Again



and i would want to see them sing a song with 311. yes i would melt.





It'll be hard to just pick 20 :)


1. Megalomaniac

2. Wish You Were Here

3. Adolescents

4. Summer Romance (Antigravity)

5. Hilikus

6. Trouble in 421

7. Sink Beneath The Line

8. Deep Inside

9. Drive (similar to the Red Rocks performance)

10. Nice To Know You

11. Sick Sad Little World

12. Redefine (acoustic)

13. Circles

14. Vitamin (like the Sno-Core performance)

15. The Warmth

16. Stellar

17. Anna Molly

18. Dig

19. Pardon Me

20. Are You In?



21. Purple Kool-Aid

22. Black Heart Inertia

23. Let's Go Crazy


Yes, I know it's wildly unrealistic, but it would be so freakin' awesome if they played any song from Fungus or S.C.I.E.N.C.E. live!


And Purple Kool-Aid might work really well with their new styles




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