Why does Incubus punish fans who pre-order early???

The release of the deluxe iTunes version of INNW?, as well as the previously announced Shirt/Litho pack really makes me wonder if the band cares about their hardcore fanbase.


Those of us (in this instance, a passionate and supportive fan for 12 years) who pre-ordered early from Sony get shit on again, per usual with any sort of Incubus release. Well unless you live in Japan.


Renman what gives??

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Hey Johnny,


for sure it is a bit unfortunate, that the Sony Preorder Bundle is different from the others looming around, but is that really a reason to complain and accuse the band and Management of not caring about their fans. 


Putting up the HQ and challenging the Fan-Band relationship for real with live update streaming and live videochats are something you won't get from any band.

The work and time put into all this as well as the preparation for special events with the band and fans alone should be reason for appreciation enough.


Don't you think?

They didn't even release all the details for the Sony Package yet, did they? Who's to say ours isn't the best??

You never can really know what each angle get and gives... they each hold different contracts and reasons.


I know its a pain, but many of us are willing to buy the album in multiple fashion to support our incubus bonus needs!!  So all I can say is that some of my friends might be getting my passed down If not now, When? goodies for birthday and tour start off gifts once I have multiples hehehe.


It may seem like a pain, but in the end Its INCUBUS!!! and those bonus songs are like the golden fish to catch. Good luck lovies!

I pre-ordered the album when i saw it would include "surface to air" , now i wonder where it is? Got the cd today, no surface to air? What's with that? Am I missing something? 


I'd rather support a local shop by buying a cd than buying online... 

You got the cd today?!
Yeah, it surprised me as well, I thought the release would be next week.. Still, didn't really get wat i hoped for... :( 

Sarahh (SHAFT!) said:
You got the cd today?!
I should be getting mine today as well, but haven't gone to P.O. yet........an email said it was shipped on the 6th....a shirt would have been nice.....but I would never blame it on the band! (i ordered early from Sony too; I get overly anxious...heh (:-[
I got my CD today but no Surface To Air :(
i preordered it too, havent gotten it yet. but its suppose to give u a code to download 'surface to air'. not like  bonus tracks on the actual disc, ala the japan version of light grenades which just added look alive and punchdrunk after earth to bella 2. the code is probably in the shippin order receit.
I only got a useless ticket presale code to go to US shows... I'm from Belgium (europe)...

I preordered off myplay direct and I've had nothing? No email link for the album nor Surface to Air? 


Is anyone else in the same boat? 
E x 

Elise you're not alone, I've got no CD or Surface to Air download yet.  My CD according to ups.com is coming today though



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