Who would you like to see open for Incubus in an upcoming tour?

Personally, I wouldn't even know where to start. What do you think?

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no one...just them xD
This may not be logical... but I'd say Glassjaw only because they're my favorite. They put on an awesome show!! The power of a Glassjaw-Incubus combo show would surely be pleasure overload -____-
I'd want Oh land. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? :D

Personally...Maps & Atlases~weird choice i know, but damnit i'd enjoy it XP

I wish my band could open for them, but alas we're not quite that good, lol.

I'd like to see a few bands maybe so here's a few i'd love to see.

"The Fratellis"

"Black Gold"

"Willies Nerve Clinic"

"Letters Lost"

"The Cold Goodnight"

and finally "Ballyhoo!"

OKgo.  Are they too big to open for people now?  I dunno.  But I want them.  <3 OKgo

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.


if you all havent listened to this band. she is wonderful. and the band just loves being on stage. i love the feeling, and they play a spot on set. im telling you. i know it may seem odd, but they would NOT disappoint. trust me!!

like Chris said, Brandon Boyd would be really cool :P

I'd love to see Fiona Apple in the LA concert, but if I miss it and she opens I'll just kill myself, haha. Seriously.

I am the only one who would think imogen heap opening up would be super cool? Maybe weird too but screw it lol.
I want to see Xpiral. No other band.

As he's quite difficult to catch in Europe, if they could bring with them Sondre Lerche it would be perfect for me.

Moreover his new album is due to be released in June so a common tour schedule is possible.



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