I vote Deftones!

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In Jose's video chat, he said Queens of the Stoneage would be sweet to tour with. That would also be bad ass. I remember seeing them both at Lollapalooza like 7 years ago. :)

That would be the most amazing show if they toured with Queens of the Stone Age.  They're probably my second favourite band.  Incubus being #1 of course :)

Heck yeah!
I vote Deftones too !
It'd be incredible if Incubus went on tour with 311! That tour would rock the house down!!
That would probably be the best ever. ;)

Charlotte said:
I vote Deftones too !

Portugal. The Man


Minus the Bear


Rx Bandits

Brand New

Circa Survive

Queens of the Stone Age

Adebisi Shank

Tera Melos

The Mars Volta

Two fucking words, okay. FOO FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM! Foocubus! My brain would explode! NO! actually what would happen is Francisco and I would explode into things like unicorns, dragons, zombies, dinosaurs and fairies! HAHA! It would be that epic. Yeah, I get excited at that prospect, no doubt. But come on, Foos and Incubus? One tour? You know they'd be on stage together at ONE point. Oh god. My whole mouth just filled with saliva. Just imagine the possibilities. It would sell out. No doubt. Haha.

Deftones, as well ;)

although, Young The Giant was a great choice for an opening act they had for part of their 2011 tour!



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