Which video is the best EVER? Talking about Incubus of course..

For me: Take me to your leader wins the gold!

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I wouldn't say "best as per se.. since they each have their own unique vibe & quality that varies to the individual's taste (you know how Colourful Incubus can get), but

MAKE A MOVE stood out particularly well for me, together w/ WARNING and DIG! :)

If Not Now, When?

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Take Me To Your Leader, A certain shade of Green, Drive, Megalomaniac!

a crazy and strong ideas!

I'm tied between the videos for Stellar and Pardon Me. They're both awesome!

Warning or Anna Molly.

In the latter, I really like the story in the video and the room and atmosphere the band is playing in.

Actually, the same goes for warning.

The video for Adolescents was great, but I also like the video for Talk Shows On Mute. There's just something about it that's really neat.
I love warning and wish you were here, that video makes me laugh <3
My favorite Incubus video has to be Pardon Me. I love how Brandon and his dad, (I'm sure its his dad) walk towards each other and become one, and then all the other guys emerge from that body. I feel that Brandon really got the message across in the video. The song is powerful, and the video just hit it home for me.

Take me to your leader or Certain shade of green!!  ohh yesss


too hard to really pick ONE video!   MAKE A MOVE is up there too .. impossible.. I have to [add reply] or I will keep changing and adding more hahahaha



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