Which video is the best EVER? Talking about Incubus of course..

For me: Take me to your leader wins the gold!

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The video for Take Me To Your Leader always cracks me up.  I have to wonder what the people that Brandon was walking around near thought about it.


I think my favorite is the video for Warning, though.  I really like that one.  Or Talk Shows On Mute because it's so weird.

I'd go for "Drive" ( I still remember it like yesterday, how I got blown away by a drawn figure drawing itself and erasing itself) and "Megalomaniac"
Drive...i love the drawings...its amazing :)
"Dig" is easily my favorite. I love the combination of the bands performance and the artwork! Plus, the fan video submissions were cool to see.
Drive of course! warning comes in second place
I thought Stellar was really cool when I was a kid and it really got me into the song so im gonna have to pick that one.
i ll say Black Heart Inertia
Megalomaniac y drive se llevan los aplausos, el arte visual usado en esos videos es genia / Megalomaniac and drive takes the applause, visual art used in those videos is great
ill say stellar too. there's something magical with that song/video
I love Drive and Are You In?, even if that video pisses me off sometimes. Anna Molly is pretty great too, with the girl waking up at the end of it, it makes you wanna se what comes next.
WARNing!! ;D



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