Maybe remind us a unique moment, maybe it remind us someone or maybe we feel related to the lyrics. Share with us which is and why!


For me is Just a Phase, because I fell related to the lyrics in a special moment of my life.

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hmm.. for me Aqueous Transmitions. Why? Cause: "Two weeks without my lover.. i'm in this boat alone.. floatin down a river named EMOTION"

That's all i'm going to say.. haha

And i have to add that i cried like a little baby when they played that song last year.. I JUST LOVE IT

Same here, "Just a Phase". The song came out right when I was going through an awful breakup. The lyrics were comforting and reminded me that everything was going to be fine.

I guess where other girls would go to a song like "I Will Survive" as a typical song to get them through a breakup, "Just a Phase" is the song that comforts and empowers me at the same time :)


I also have a soft spot for "Leech" too. Brutally honest lyrics, I love it!

Love hurts. Definitely


I do really feel it, deep inside (haha, little joke by the way). Seriously, Incubus have got a unique talent to convey emotions. That sort of talent that sends shivers down your spine, puts a smile upon your face, makes you dance across your room and makes tears dwell in your eyes. 


I am so happy that there will be a new album soon. We all need their music, just like we need the air to breathe. :)

Drive, definitely 

that song has a lot of meanings for me! 

I Miss You and The Warmth the last crush of love that I had, with this 2 songs they we're like a friend telling the good road that I had to go

The Warmth

"Don't let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that fucked up, and cold. Remember why you came and while you're alive, experience the warmth before you grow old."


I think these lyrics are beautiful and so incredibly true. Whenever I have lost all faith in humanity, I think of these lyrics. :)

They're all special to me but if I had to choose...probably Clean, since it's the first Incubus song I ever heard, and started everything for me.


Or Sick Sad Little World.  Sometimes when I'm in a melancholy mood I can listen to that song over and over again.

"WISH YOU WERE HERE" is related to a very special person who's not with us anymore
Aqueous Transmission without question. The lyrics are beautiful, but vague enough to fit right in whenever I need some chill-out from something. Between my group of friends that song is like a holy sacrament.

Hard to choose.


"Love hurts" was the song that got e really into incubus, mainly because it described exactly how I felt while I was with an ex lover that was very abusive mentally. I always felt incompetent when ever I said something wrong and any little mistake I did she would make sure I remembered it for weeks... In the end we went our own ways, but then love really did hurt a lot.

"Stellar" was the first song I have ever sang to anyone, she made me feel... so special, yet at the same time she kind of didn't want to let too many people know we were together. So it made me feel like she didn't think I was good enough, or that she had someone else, it was a very short relationship, but she made me feel very special.

Hmm...I'd have to say "Monuments and Melodies". Simply because I relate entirely to the verse that has the title in it "My past is perilous, each scar I bear sing. Monuments to where I have been, and melodies to where I am going."


It's such a beautiful song. I do enjoy a lot of their earlier work, but this one just hits so close to home.

A girl sent me a postcard with the lyrics of I Miss You handwritten on it when she took a summer vacation away from LA. She was my first real crush and eventually became my first girlfriend.



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