Maybe remind us a unique moment, maybe it remind us someone or maybe we feel related to the lyrics. Share with us which is and why!


For me is Just a Phase, because I fell related to the lyrics in a special moment of my life.

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"Look Alive" is the first song that comes to mind.

"A picture will survive, so smile and look alive." That statement spoke to me from the first time I heard it. It's very simple and to the point; to me, it says, you've got to look past the small distractions in life, smile and look alive.


However, currently, the song "Friends and Lovers" means the world to me!

I am so in love with my girlfriend and we had been great friends prior to dating. It was really difficult for both of us to admit that we had feelings for one another; we were afraid that we would ruin the friendship between us and our mutual friends. So thank you Mr. Boyd, for telling the world that "you should never have to defend being friends and lovers"!

The first one that comes to mind......

Idiot Box :] That song has just always struck the right chord in me every single time!

I will soon be getting portions of that song tattooed on myself.

when i listen to drive it takes me back to the memory of best friend. She had cancer, and it was really hard for me to watch her suffer, but this -i played for her once- and she loved it. I ended up buying her the album, even though our friendship was strong this song made a new connection. This song helped me a lot during the time of her death. I remember writing out the lyrics and putting it on her casket. I know this sounds sad, but i wouldn't be able to talk about it if it was'nt for the inspiration i get from listening to Incubus.

"Here in my Room" breaks my heart, even if I can't link it to a particular moment in my life, if not when I started loving their music more and more....


"Nowhere Fast" means a lot to me, because I'm feeling a runaway train with no brake...


"The Warmth" and "Warning" meaning is linked to the previous one, time passes by without realizing that...

"Echoes" because Incubus' music "Reminded me twice that I was alive".


Muuuuuch more...I love most of theirs <3

"Punchdrunk" helped me passing through a difficult period in my life,

"Monuments and Melodies" is poetry, objectively marvelous.

"Glass","Circles" and "Have you ever?" always help me working out my rage and sour, but "Idiot Box" is my favourite for that!

"Pistola" makes me enthsiastic!

"Southern Girl" and "Summer Romance" would be the perfect love songs to dedicate, if a boy would drive me crazy xD


Oh, I forgot one! "Admiration" tells exactly what Incubus & Brandon mean to me...I adore that <3
ahh thats one of my favorite songs...sigh so awesome!

For me it's "Wish You Were Here". I had a really good friend who I've kind of grown apart from but a couple years ago we were on the beach at night in front of Lake Michigan and we were running around in the sand and it reminded me of the song, 

"I dig my toes into the sand...I lay my head onto the sand 
The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it"

So we started singing it and as sappy as it sounds, I was very happy in that moment haha

Actually are two , the first one is Wish you were here , was on the first concert of Incubus in Chile, that song made me remind a boy (today, my boyfriend) because i wished that he were there jajajaja and that made me cry .

And the second one is Stellar, because my boyfriend gave it to me <3.

In the year 2004, my soulmate and i would fall asleep in each others arms to Aqueous Transmission. those were the best nights of my life, & ill never forget it.

A year later we would sing this to our daughter as her lullaby. She would fall peacefully asleep to it every time. this song became my safe haven when my babygirl died of SIDS and when my lover passed away a year later. I was pregnant with our little boy, and he was my strength (along with this song in the background) as i mourned and gathered my faith & strength back together. every time i play this song, the lyrics will always remind me that we'll meet again some day & that it's just "further down the river..." it makes my heart smile & throb all at the same time.

i feel as if it were written for us; my family, here on earth and in heaven. it connects all four of us and i could never thank you enough Incubus, you guys have given me a beautiful gift to feel closer to my loved ones whenever i need it. i can't tell you how grateful i am..

"Maybe we could meet again further down the river
And share what we both discovered...
Then revel in the view"

Monuments and Melodies is beyond anything I can really explain, stories and memories upon stories and memories, love life lessons time,  words sometimes just fit everything you feel and the sound that fills and carries these words becomes the strength and memories instantly forever instilled within. Hearing that song live HQ style was like... WWOWW
Warning. that song really did help me when i was a teen and sick in the hospital



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