When I met Brandon Boyd...

I wasn't as big of a fan as I am now, however my boyfriend was. He completely turned to mush and couldn't speak. So I broke up Brandon's conversation with some random person and asked if he would meet my boyfriend.

We've since broken up, but I'm still his hero for having the balls to make that move.


What's your story?

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actually i never meet with them... but i really wanna meet with them... so if i meet with the incubus band, i'll be speechless i guess and feel like i'm going to outer space.....hee... really love that band so much... the band gave me so much inspiration... their songs lyrics was make me so peacefull when i was mad...hee.....

I might cry if I ever meet them.  Cried buckets when I saw them performing 3 feet away. 

I'm going to be meeting them soon in Feb.... am nervous...not sure exactly what to say..kinda..let's hope it goes well :)




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