First of all, rat's off (Tom Goes to the Mayor, anyone?) to Incubus and their crew for throwing the HQ together.  All I can say is its about damn time.  You guys have quite the loyal fanbase around the world and this a great step towards connecting all of us.  Can't wait for the new record!


So I've been a fan of Incubus since high school, well over a decade, and have also seen them live basically every time they come to Philadelphia.  I've seen a lot of great shows, but there is one for me which stands out.


The year was 2002, Russia and the US agree to unload their nukes, George W. promises there will be  No Child Left Behind, and Incubus rolls through the States on their Civic Tour supporting Morning View.  This was my first Incubus concert of many to come and the Philadelphia FU Center was the location.  For being a fan of the band for over 5 years at this point, I was not in the least bit disappointed.  The show and set-list were amazing!  Energy was high in the building and the band fed off of it like fiends.  I remember walking out of that place exhilarated and on a buzz that lasted for days.  My highlights from that night included:


- Great rendition of Glass at the beginning of the show

- The visceral acoustic break followed by New Skin

- The incredible lighting/stage set-up throughout the night, especially into the encore

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Yes, agreed! I am the only die-hard Incubus fan amongst my friends so this is perfect for me to finally talk-Incubus with people that love and appreciate them as much as I do!


I have seen Incubus live many times, the first being in 2001 where I fell in love. But my favorite (if i HAD to pick) was their Light Grenades Tour in 2007. In Seattle, they played at my all time favorite venue, The Paramount so I was absolutely pumped. My good friend's family had the hook up for seats at this theater, so not only was it free, but I got to sit front row on the mezzanine level. I am usually the girl in the front row being thrashed around, kicked in the head from crowd surfers, and dripping with sweat, but I wasn't going to pass up free tickets. I was initially disappointed not being in GA, but I after leaving I had a whole new respect for balcony level seating.


The reason why this concert stands out in my mind above all the others is because I was in a terrible car accident earlier that day. It was my first near-death experience so I was in shock most of that day. No extreme injuries, but damn I was hurting that night. Thank GOD I was on the balcony, or I would have not been able to enjoy the show. My favorite part of the night was when Brandon whipped out his gloves with ultra bright lights beaming out into the crowd. I had never seen anything like that before. Overall the show was amazing, and I wish I had a better memory to describe it, haha.


Second favorite was at the Gorge, in George, Washington at the Download Festival in 2009. This was the first time I heard Aqueos Transmission live. I will never forget that!





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