Whether it be the guitar sound, the drumming, voice similarity, or just the all too common chills you get like when you listen to Incubus, what other band does to you, what Incubus does?

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Silverchair- Diorama    This whole album sticks out to me the same way Incubus sticks out when I listen to them.  And its the only album that gives me the chills when I listen to it; Just like when I listen to Incubus.
RHCP, at least Incubus' older stuff.  Weren't some members fans of RHCP, or did I make that up?
In my opinion, 311 reminds me a lot of Incubus. The have similar styles at times, and their music evolving over the years also reminds me a lot of Incubus' story.
To be honest? I cannot say that one single band reminds me of Incubus. They stand alone in my mind; and that is not me being a pretentious asshole. That is me honestly saying that I cannot compare them to anyone else. They are the one band that you can't compare or put in any genre really. They make their own. And usually that is such fucking bullshit. But with Incubus, it's true :)
I agree. They're constantly altering their sound in a way that doesn't compare to anyone else I've heard. I guess Jason Boyd's voice sounds somewhat like Brandon's but nothing really compares to it. They are all very skilled musicians and it shows in all their music. I suppose the way they have evolved are somewhat like RHCP. They both started out funky and have slowly changed along the way to sound different.
Some songs by faith no more. And a band called San Pedro give me massive chills just like incubus! But they are heavily influenced by incubus!

San Pedro is fuckin awesome! 

I have to agree with Dori though,I feel like I sound like a close-minded asshole when I say they are a genre of their own and I have yet to hear a band that matches up to them but it's true! It's pleasantly true. 

Ben Dingley said:

Some songs by faith no more. And a band called San Pedro give me massive chills just like incubus! But they are heavily influenced by incubus!
Voice-wise, Hoobastank reminds me a bit of Incubus.
i can't seriously think of a band similar to incubus... :/... 3 doors down maybe by the time of make yourself? god i dunno...
I wasn't trying to sound like I believed the sun shines out of their asses, I DON'T! If I don't like something, I don't like it, and I will make that known. There are some Incubus songs that aren't my favorite. I've talked about it. But they are always changing, evolving for better or for worse. For me, I feel they have always evolved for the better.

very tough because as everyone's said, they're so dang unique. in terms of musical evolution, the guy that comes to mind is jack white. he started out small (and ended big) in the white stripes and has since expanded his sound to the incredible alternative-pop-rock raconteurs, the dark dead weather (where he plays drums) and now this rome project. not to mention all the stuff he does on the side from bluegrass to a movie theme with alicia keys. he's intense--for better or for worse--but he really cares about music in a way that i think is similar to the guys in incubus. and i think his eclecticism is par with incubus's as well.


i guess while i'm on the subject, does anybody know any other artist that's as eclectic as these two? i'd love to give a listen.



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