What are the coolest/weirdest things u ever did of becoming an Incubus fan?

searched all news about incubus and print it one by one

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I'm going to have to classify my thing as a COOL thing...in 03 I had my lip pierced and  after seeing one of the Dig videos (the one where there is a blonde girl in a yellow sweater    with a unique style piercing) so I reinvented hers with an eyebrow bar that I bent with a needle nose plyer to wrap around the lip the way hers did> To this day people compliment me on the style..I tell them about the Incubus Dig video and the girl LOL


two things:

first @philip patag, me too! except it was last semester...i wrote one ten page paper about "Megalomaniac" and "Talk Shows on Mute" (got a B! ;) and I also wrote a seven minute speech called "The many talents of Brandon C. Boyd." where I gushed about his music, art and dedication to MYF (got an A! ;)


the second was when ACLOTM came out, I cut school to go home and listen to it. I spent 8 hours listening to it, memorizing it, crying, harmonizing and being basically the most obnoxious fangirl you could imagine. it was epic.

The last time that Incubus came to Chile, I went to the hotel and I stayed there until three in the morning waiting to see them, I could see DJ Kilmore and Ben, all I wanted was to see brandon (I saw him, but the next day

I love them so much and I want everyonearound me to love them the same way I do.. so, I gave my bf a tattoo as a bday present, lyrics from dig :)

Took this picture to try to win the Incubus <3's NY contest. 


It worked :)


just came across this. wow, sweet

Learned and played everything off of 'Make Yourself' (Guitar).

was very proud of it at the time.. about 10 years back? (as of 2012)

Michael Einziger is a hero.

Most people put bright colored ribbons, tags or straps on their luggage when they travel.... I have my own creation.... Chuck tags. =)  Just one of the cool/weird things that I would do as a fan of this amazing band. <3

Ill label this as Coolest - I have gone to incubus concerts all over the U.S. And with all the people i love. My GF, My Best friend, All my really good friends and some family. I was the one that got them into Incubus a long time ago so it was only natural that i would make them Come to Concerts with me.  however, I realized that the person i love the most in this world had never gone to a Incubus concert with me...My mother! It took about a whole year to convince her but she finally gave in.. Incubus in San Diego! She was in the mosh pit with me... Finally The Band the i Love and The greatest part of my life in one place! She was so scared of getting squished that i screamed "HEY THIS IS MY MOM! EVERYBODY PROTECT HER" suddenly quite a few people formed a small circle around her and throughout the concert nothing happened to her.. The Greatest day of my life haha! 


one time my friends and i did a cover of drive at this outside venue and i was gettin tipsy and when i sang

i totally fucked up the lyrics to some of the song, but it felt great being on stage.

also listening to the new morning view album with my cousins justin and eric, and our pal greg in 2001 when i was sixteen. very formative incubus years for us. Thats when they became my favorite band



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