What are the coolest/weirdest things u ever did of becoming an Incubus fan?

searched all news about incubus and print it one by one

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I don't know if this is weird, but when I was like 11 years old I printed literaly thousands of photos where Brandon appeared, I was TOTALLY in love with him (I'm still in love haha :P) . I printed all their lirycs too

Now that I think about it, I can say I was crazy about Incubus 

My mom works at superior court and she told me Chris Kilmore was gonna be there. So I drove 60 miles an hour to get over there and got into a car accident, but I made it in time just so I could see him.

I would totally do that!

Now I remember that when I was 14, I took two needles and ink and I wrote on my skin the name of the band, I wanted to express how much "Incubus" represented for my life and that feeling has been with me for so long... Incubus is one of the things that makes me amazingly happy :)

I re-connected to my inner self again. Incubus music is The soundtrack of the transcendental journey I am into.

I think possibly the weirdest thing I ever did after becoming an Incubus fan was have a 30 minute AIM conversation with a friend where I only responded using lyrics from Incubus songs.  And she thought I couldn't do it.

This probably isn't weird, but just showed my determination to have them in my life.


When I was younger my parents hated the music I would listen to. So I would buy pop albums, sell the cd's at school and use the money I made to buy more Incubus albums, and put the Incubus cd's in the pop cases. I'd hide the Incubus album cases taped to the back of my closet behind my clothes. My dad would catch on and break all the cd's in front of me. But I just kept doing it. Making money through other CD's and using the cases as decoys. I even bribed my grandma to talk to my parents to get them to understand. Eventually they gave up and embraced my music.


I would also memorize the lyrics, most of the time I didn't understand the songs meanings (I was 8 when I got into them, so you can understand how it's hard for an 8 year old to get the "deeper meaning") I'd look up the words I didn't know in the dictionary and rewrite the lyrics with the meaning of the word, so I could understand what they were telling me. I wanted to badly to connect with them. To see and read and hear things the way they did.


Ok yeah those were weird haha. Oh well, I'm not ashamed! I love my boys.

I used Incubus and their music as a basis for a 10 page paper. Sadly, the flash drive I had it saved on is now lost at sea. Literally, it fell into a storm drain.

several. as far as i remember:

1. i called my friend Leia. her brother answered the phone. he said they are having dinner so she can't talk. then i said "it's an emergency". he gave the phone to lei. we both shouted because i told her the "emergency." she went to open their tv, tune in at channel [v] and watched the video of drive by incubus. yes. emergency (lol).

2. 2004, march 13. the day after the 1st ever concert of incubus in manila. the night before, due to my sort-of-stupidity and clumsiness, i lost my souvenir ticket off my pocket. so i decided to go back to the concert grounds (ccp) and tried to look for my ticket, which i know was impossible to do. the open grounds has converted from a concert ground (with the lights, stage, and chair setup), into just an open field which is torn down and currently being cleaned of trash. was pretty sad to go back with the empty field.

3. january 26 (or 27)i went to the pawnshop with a gold bracelet and loaned money just to buy a concert ticket. was able to payback after 2 or 3 months, in which i loaned money from my cousin (ianne) who just got her 1st payslip just to be able to pay my debt. oh... being a college student makes you broke during emergency.

4. well i joined the incubus street team philippines in 2008 and met the best incubus buddies ever! all efforts paid off being with them because as a team, we were all able to see incubus up close. best things are better shared with friends.

5. flew to LA to watch end vacuum in 2008.

6. made fan video (fan version of wywh & bday greetings) for incubus

7. prayed really very hard and had my prayer answered in being able to meet & greet incubus.

to do list (in the future):

-learn music even more & go in the music biz to return the best favor of introducing me to the best music i've ever heard-Incubus.

honestly, my collection of incubus gear, it's pretty huge, i got the rare stuff, and all the albums. got a copy of the 12 inch familiar record, the one with the science instrumentals. pretty stoked about that one, and an unopened copy the single new skin.

Recently, the most extreme thing I've done as a fan of Incubus is buying a bass guitar and committing to master playing EVERY BASS LINE from Fungus Amongus through Morning View.


After going my whole life without playing any instrument. And taking guitar lessons for a few months.

I talk with everybody about Incubus, and if some person don't know they, I try to teach that they are the best in the world.

My mom, my sister, my little niece, all my friends know that I'm crazy for incubus.

Some year ago, I printed all lyrics from "Morning View", I learned all by heart, and one night I dreamed a photosession, one picture for each song. I have all in my mind. I finded 3 good friend and model and we made an amazing work.

I traveled 10 hours by car for see incubus at rock am ring in germany in 2005.

I'm ready for travel so much right now.

Here we say: "if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to mohammed" :)

last things...I kissed the brandon's hands, when I met the band in Milan, maybe is not for everyone! :)



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