Thoughts on Incubus possibly re-releasing their entire album catalog on vinyl and why it would be awesome?

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Well, I think the idea of releasing the new album on vinil would be an awesome idea, but only as a collector's item. It wouldn't be practical, and as Steve stated yesterday, vinil scratches, breaks and what not...

Amazing itens to have in our collections.


If they think it's too risky to produce, they could do like a collective shopping to reach the minimal number of sells it needs to be profitable!

I'd buy the new album vinyl just as a collector item. Now the ENTIRE album catalog?, that too, but it has to have a really good plus, as I tryed to state in the blog post I wrote last nite.
ah vinyl, is a good idea, but only in a ask-produce method. 'cause only collectors will buy it.

Unless you actually buy, play, collect and trade vinyl I don't think you guys have the right idea of what an album on Wax actually is. Vinyl records are actually (contrary to popular belief) very durable and has the best sound quality available. The very minute groove in the records allow for the needle to track very distinct bass and atmosphere in the album you are listening to. Now of course, you have to have a good setup, I know that is more of a hassle than buying a 1 cent  produced cd that is easily ripable to mp3 (Which is bad for the band). There is a big BOOMING business with vinyl, for 5 years now we have had Record Store Day all over the world with emphasis being on getting exclusive vinyl. It is HUGE in the punk world and many Rock artists as well produce vinyl. There are a MANY number of vinyl record collectors (that I have talked to)  that are VERY interested in Incubus' back catalogue on vinyl(to not just "collect" but to play and enjoy as an actual medium to play the albums). I think with the subtleties that are in S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself "Collectors" and Vinyl Enthusiasts would love to have these albums -and More- on vinyl. 




Thank you for reading,


I would buy every album they put out on vinyl.

Hello there. 

I agree with Francisco thoughts. Here in Argentina we mostly neither buy vynils to listen it but to keep it safe and watch them every time we want. The culture of buying vinyls is only for HUGE fans that need to collect every single rare item the favourite band releases. IMO release the entire album catalog on vinyl would be awesome of course, because of the treasure meaning, but unaccesible for most of the fans around the world.

Another idea that came up in my mind is to include more pieces of artwork in the CD format (more accesible in price, and easier to produce I think), because one of the main reasons why people love vynils is precisely for the biggest artwork.

I'm incredible grateful as usual for asking our opinion, and I hope this may help in your crucial management decisions :)

     Vinyl records are rarely used in Venezuela since most people don't have LP players. The people who actually own vinyl records, own them mostly for collection. as a treasure, framed as a painting or simply stored in a trunk. Undoubtedly, the quality of vinyl records is tremendous, but I feel that it's an unnecessary expense when you can't use it without the fear of damaging it.  It's a collector's item, but not for the masses. True fans buy CDs, which, by the way, they are quite hard to find in record stores in Venezuela, and from what I've heard, in all LatinAmerica.

particularly, in my case I could not wait until the CDs got here, so I just bought Monuments and Melodies and The Wild Trapeze from Itunes right after they were released and do not regret it whatsoever. After all, it is what I use daily.



I swear, it feels like most Incubus fans here do not follow any other band. Do you guys realize how many other bands are putting out vinyl for their entire catalog? Incubus has slightly fallen behind on that trend. Thankfully they put out M&M on vinyl, but they could be getting the fans excited if they put out an older album every couple of months on 180 GRAM.


There are bands that sell just as many albums as well as bands that sell less albums than Incubus and they've all been doing it. It doesn't make sense for Incubus not to put out their albums on vinyl when the demand is obviously there. They're obviously not going to press as many vinyls as they would cd's, a little common sense is all it would take to understand that. The band can safely press a few couple thousand, maybe tens of thousands of each record on vinyl and sell them. It doesn't matter if almost no one in Latin America will be vinyl if most copies are going to be bought by fans from North America and Europe who have a better understanding of the value of vinyl.


I want to assume that Sony and the band's management have or will be conducting marketing research on the selling potential of albums on vinyl.

i would definitely buy a vinyl. and would be saving up for an LP player. i was planning back then to have one framed like as if it was a record that i won, but on second thoughts, I've always been interested in comparing the sound quality, plus the feel of the record actually being played. i wouldn't want for mine (once i have one) to be broken or damaged, so probably, before it reaches its threshold, i would set it aside and play through my mp3s or cds. atleast, when i put it on my so-called "collection rack" (in the not-so-distant-future, once i've saved enough and actually collected), i know that i actually get what i paid for.

i've let a lot of LPs pass online. maybe here's my calling... :)


thanks joseph for that highly informative note. well said. and as for me, i've seen vinyl on ebay but wasn't able to afford it back then. hehehe  ^_^


Of course we follow other bands, and personally I repeated thousand times that Radiohead is releasing NOW 2 vinyls + 1 CD + Many large sheets of artwork + 625 tiny pieces of artwork, SHIP INCLUDED no matter where you live, at 48 dolars. Is this too much for anyone in Latin America? YES, but it worth it. And of course it will worth if Incubus do something like that. But I don't think that too many people anywhere is prepare to afford 6 times sth like this. 


Anyway, you're right, the Latin America opinion doesn't matter. And is not because we don't understand the value of vynil... 


I can give you a hint: we don't buy vinyls because here the discographics DOESN'T EDIT ANYTHING IN GOOD QUALITY. We're obligued to import them. 

Christopher Torres said:

 It doesn't matter if almost no one in Latin America will be vinyl if most copies are going to be bought by fans from North America and Europe who have a better understanding of the value of vinyl.

Hey, don't include all "Latin Americans" on this. In Brasil we have a lot of people buying vynils. As Ianina wisely said, Radiohead is the biggest reference of new albuns with great bonus things with affordable prices.


Incubus is considered an official band at Sony Brasil, don't know how it is on other Latin America countries. Probably here the prices wouldn't be impossible to afford.



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