Thoughts on Incubus possibly re-releasing their entire album catalog on vinyl and why it would be awesome?

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Like many people have said, vinyl would be wonderful. The sound would be amazing! I'd buy them.
I wish I wish I wish. I currently have some of the 7" singles and the Morning View, A Crow and Are You In LP's but I wish I could have the whole collection (Especially Fungus and S.c.i.e.n.c.e), they really need to do this.

PLEASE DO IT!!. I love listening to my vinyls and it is very hard to find Incubus vinyl. I have wanted a Morning View LP for years and they are just really out of my price range. $300 is crazy. That price goes to show that there is still a very high demand for Incubus vinyl records. I can also promise that i will purchaseone of each record remastered.



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