Well, apparently we have 4 names by now: Adolescents, Promises, Isadore and Surface to air (I'm not sure about this last one but I hope it is in the album!). 

According to Ren there will be 14 tracks, but Chris told us something like seven + four answering the following question: "Kil, any way we could get a number on how many tracks we'll find in If not now, when?", asked by Azwethinkweist. As 11 is included in 14, this is still a valid answer (he could say 4 and will be correct). 

All we have to do is wait, and as Ren told us few minutes ago, this is goin faster than we all thought. Fortunatelly :D Thanks to all the Incu-team for being so kind with this wait!

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I really hope Surface To Air gets on the album, it's pretty much my new favorite song ever.
Adolescents, Promises, Isadore, Tomorrow's Food, Defiance (acoustic song just mike and brandon), In the Company of Wolves (an 8 minute song)

Surface to air is not on the album :( but there is a studio version and mike said we'll get to hear it! 


"in the company of wolves" what a great sounding name daaamn!
i'd really like to hear that one

Carlo Terrazas said:
"in the company of wolves" what a great sounding name daaamn!

you missed out; 'Defiance' and 'In The Company of Wolves'.


'Surface to Air' isn't on the album, as Mikey mentioned.



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