New "If not now when?" tour is started from Santa Barbara!!!


Someone can confirm this?


POST HERE the next!!!


from Incubus official facebook: 


Incubus World tour played in Santa Barbara, CA last night. Great show and great crowd. Great setlist with songs from every Incubus album.Tell us your favorite songs you'd like to hear on the upcoming tour. The party is just getting started. Stay up to date on all the latest Incubus news at including Euro dates being announced on Monday.


I can't wait to read the European dates! :)

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Damn! I didn't know and I missed it

Incubus Concert Setlist at Velodrom, Berlin, Germany on November 20, 2011


I was looking this setlist everywhere!! this was the best and last show of my whole trip!! THNX!!!

Sarahh (SHAFT!) said:

This was the Setlist for the 91X fest Last night    07-16-2011 

 Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA


  1. Megalomaniac
  2. Wish You Were Here
  3. Pardon Me
  4. Have You Ever
  5. Just a Phase
  6. Consequence
  7. Anna Molly
  8. Promises, Promises
  9. Circles
  10. In the Company of Wolves
  11. Thieves
  12. Drive
  13. Pistola
  14. Talk Shows on Mute
  15. Adolescents
  16. A Crow Left of the Murder


  1. The Warmth
  2. Nice To Know You

# Setlist Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013#



Anna Molly

Pardon Me

The Warmth

If Not Now, When? / Hello (Lionel Richie)

A Kiss To Send Uss Off

Nice To Know You

In The Company of Wolves

Look Alive

Under My Umbrella


I Miss You

Vitamin (solo drums)

Wish You Were Here

Love Hurts

Talk Shows on Mute

A Crow Left of the Murder

Just a Phase



Sick Sad Little World



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