If you have the chance to choose just one Incubus song for listening today...


...what song would it be?


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Thanks for posting the info on "fracking" for Andrea and Magalie, Natalie! I haven't been on the computer in a couple of days, imagine that! A blog is a brilliant idea!

Isadore (saw on the calendar that today is St Isidore so it made me think of this song)


I particularly like this performance :

Yes! I remember watching this on the livestream and just listening in awe :)

Oooo, thanks for posting this Magalie! I needed an Incubus fix! These HQ sessions are just some of the best, I have a DVD of them that I haven't watched yet!

Oh my gosh Jane, you know what??? I haven't watched mine either :O Thank you both for the reminder that I need to GET ON THAT! :)

If this is the dvd they relaesed last August, you should definitely watch it. Makes me think I haven't watched the Home Depot Center one! need to fix that :)

Tomorrow's Food  - In honor of Roger Ebert the Chicago film critic who died today. May he RIP. 

Good choice, Natalie

Have You Ever. 




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