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If you have the chance to choose just one Incubus song for listening today...


...what song would it be?


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Thank you Beth! This is yet another reason WHY I'm planning this trip.  We tend to forget where our water comes from and WHAT is going on around the scenes.  Just thinking about all the chaotic energies in certain bodies of water and how that energy affects us....The water healing sessions, I'm looking forward to all that can participate in songs of love to Nibi *water....

:)  They *politicians" don't speak for everyone.  They only think of the big bucks in their pockets but we all suffer without realizing it until it's too late.. Id suggest anyone that has stocks in mining industries to remove them...essentially, those stocks are hurting us because it's a form of greed for a natural resource that cannot be replaced and is causing direct impacts on our environment.... :)

I couldn't agree with you more, Andrea! Fracking is a big issue in my neck of the woods, and thankfully there are a lot of people very active in preventing this from happening. Yes, it's beyond admirable what MYF does for the environment and other important issues.

Jane, can you tell me a little about the situation in your area? What is going on? What is being impacted?, etc......

Jane, what "Fracking" means?

hydrolic fracturing???

Magalie, this is the 'technical' definition of it: "Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside." But this website here does a much better job of explaining it through pictures and diagrams. Hope that helps! :)

Thank you Natalie :) I understand why I couldn't find it in the dictionnary.

You're welcome Magalie! It IS slang and not many I think really know the definition or where it derived from. I certainly didn't for a long time until I started to see it come up more and more in the news and especially on the Twitters of some that I follow. :)

This is information on the Chromite smelting that is starting up just a few km's north of my city....

I heard an old woman today say that she can't wait for this to start up... Now, is she just thinking about the economy?  I was shaking my fists in the air at her ignorance to the implications over long and short term effect... It boggles my mind how people just think about the money instead of the ripple effect on the environment... It will only be a matter of time before people will suffer the consequences of this action.  Keep in mind my friends in the USA, depending on the watershed, you may also be effected. From what I see, our watershed dumps into the Atlantic, however, it has to pass through the Great Lakes before that.....

I wish that mining was regulated and controlled like they do with forestry, fishing, and trapping? Why is it that the government has NOT put a cap on mining like all other things? Have we gotten that consumed with products? Mining includes extracting anything from the earth. It saddens me.  Should I run for cover now? hah

While I think this is an EXTREMELY important issue and I am involved in my own life with increasing awareness, and while I am very glad we can use this website for so many things, may I suggest that this please be moved to either a different discussion or have someone create a blog post for it? I receive emails for each reply to this thread and when I click on it I am expecting to see an Incubus song choice for the day which is what this discussion was created for.

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