If you have the chance to choose just one Incubus song for listening today...


...what song would it be?


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Pardon Me



today is my day off, and i am listening to agoraphobia! like 5 times back to back. But as usual I have all their albums and compilations on shuffle!

oil and water! My fiance and i broke up recently so this song really helps me out.

There is a song, or line from a song by Incubus for everything! Sorry about your breakup.

thanks it is so difficult, because we have a daughter who keeps telling me "you need to marry to daddy" so she isn't taking it well. i am hurt, only thing that helps is Incubus music! today i will be listening to things that make me feel hopeful! my theme song today is Let's go crazy!! i love this song!

Made For TV Movie

Make yourself

Diamonds And Coal

No where fast! :( it's exactly how I feel!



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