At this point and time in my life i am highly frustrated and depressed at the thought that I don't have control over my life. It's as if I have to do things because the world/ society wants me too. What happened to freedom? I feel like a slave on this planet.   Does anyone feel the same? Has anyone mastered this problem or is working on it? Do you have any suggestions?

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I think you might need to think more big picture. There are people in this world that don't have the luxury of clean water or access to a doctor or any idea of freedom. I think we all struggle at times in our life with these same feelings but you just have to step back and look at all the blessings we have. Another thing that always makes me feel better.... aside from listening to some Incubus.... go volunteer somewhere or help a stranger. It seems like when you start thinking about how you can help someone else it'll lift your spirits. And, smile... you're from Texas!

No, I don't feel the same. Just live your life and make the best out of it. Let the positives outshine the negatives. Considering you were actually capable of posting this online, realize how many people in worse situations don't even have access to internet yet they're living their lives to the fullest. Life is a privilege, don't fucking waste it man.

Although i appreciate the positive comments, i can really relate to you Lee.  I feel like i've had a huge black cloud over me all my life no matter where i am, what i'm doing, ect. ect.  If you would like to hear some music that will probably speak to you, besides Incubus of course, may i suggest Alter Bridge III.  It is an excellent source of music regarding such problems that you and i seem to have in common.  "Cause the sun never sets, the moon always fall, it it feels like the end just pay no mind at all.....and keep rollin', rollin' life must go on, it must go on.  Here's hoping we both will soon love life more, and learn to keep plowing thru the shit this life can dump on us!

thanks for the music, I haven't listened to it yet but I'll be sure to do that. It's not that life sucks or the world sucks, it's just that I think my problem is I'm afraid to reveal my cards and live my life the way I want instead of doing things the way that i think society wants me to live. Honestly the battle is not with the world, It's with myself. Do I live my life from fear or do I stay true to who i really am and live from that place? Obviously the second answer is the right one, but being true to myself seems scary although I know it's vital. Thanks for the encouragement though Beth and everyone else.

Lee, how about you actually speak in specifics. What the fuck is actually going on? How old are you? Why would being true to yourself be scary? Until you get to specifics about your own life, nothing you are saying is really going to make a lot of sense.

Are you having trouble with your job/career/education? Is it something in regards to your sexuality? Are you a struggling artist? Family problems? What the hell is it man!

I don't mean to sound like a jerk and sorry if this message comes across that way. However, it is frustrating to see a young guy on a forum expressing such displeasure with his own world. I am pretty sure there are a lot of people who have it a lot worse than you who would man up and make their world work for themselves.

Like Melissa said, you need to look at the bigger picture. Concentrating on just certain negative events in your life can lead you to the way you feel right now. Personally i have gone through a lot and still am, but one way i learned to get over feeling depressed and tighten up by society is by learning to live at peace. Being thankful and blessed to be alive another day is something that some of us may take for granted. This world is harsh and to survive through it a day is something to admire ourselves for. As for freedom itself... well personally i believe that there is no such a thing as freedom in this world, it is just that some of us have a more accessible conditioned freedom and when that conditioned freedom changes a bit then we feel in danger. Bottom line to this is.. Live your life as it was the last day, Feel blessed at being alive still and if you can go help others go and volunteer like Melissa said, it will show you a whole new perspective on the way you feel. Music as well as many, has changed my life.. Incubus not only is my fav band but it is also a way of identifying myself and the way i project myself to others.

P.S- One great thing you did is reach out to this community.. Im sure you will get lots of responds and hope you snap out of that feeling.

Lee, if you'd like to email me that would be fine.  I can so relate to you, yet i'm probably old enough to be your mom!!! :)  Cheers!

Hey Lee, i'm back.  Duh, just thought.....go to you tube, I think you might can listen to the whole album of 

Alter Bridge III.  If not, just check out:  Slip to the Void, Show me a sign, and Isolation - there biggest hit that you may have already heard. Tell me what you think.



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