mine was pardon me I think I was in 7th grade and I heard it but didnt know who the band was, but then they were on some gadget show on mtv Jamie Presley was the host and they played a clip of the video from that moment on i was hooked.

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it was probably "Drive" on MTV...or on the boom box my high school classmates blasted in our classroom. I think that was the first one, then I saw the "Are You In?" video on MTV and I was hooked. I do know my first Incubus album was M "Morning View", which I'd asked for as a Chris Kringle present.
"Are You In?" during 5th grade. I was 11. But I didn't know who the hell sang it. I just liked the song...hahaha
Pardon Me around the time Make Yourself came out. I've been hooked ever since then
I was in 8th Grade and my music teacher and I usually had some music discussions everyday.  After finding out that I was a fan of Korn, Mr. Bungle, and Primus, my teacher came in with a burned copy of S.C.I.E.N.C.E and Fungus Amongus.  He gave me the two and said "if you like Bungle and that stuff, give Incubus a try. They played with Bungle when I saw 'em."  Seeing as though they were linked to bands that I liked, I put Fungus Amongus, and BAM! "take me to your leader" was my first ever Incubus song.  It was just the pure insanity that made me fall in love.  Then I heard the make yourself album and became obsessed ever since
The first song I remember hearing from them and loving was Pardon Me.... by the time Morning View came out I was really hooked!  I think I was 14 or 15.  I remember when I was first getting into them I used to always have their songs stuck in my  head while I was at swim team practice and I'd be humming them (can's sing while you swim! lol) while I did my laps.
I played bass in a band in high school, and our drummer was an Incubus fan. I knew of Incubus but wasn't familiar with any of their songs (except "Drive" of course). Our guitarist knew of some songs off of "Make Yourself" and said he wanted to play a song called "The Warmth". I checked it out and instantly fell in love with the song, the album, and the band.  I've been a huge fan ever since and now have all their albums :) Thank you "The Warmth"!
Saw them at Ozzfest loooong time ago didn't know them was more excited for System of a Down.  Was hammered and fuzzy but remembered being kinda impressed by them thinkin' they blew SOAD away and I ended up picking up S.C.I.E.N.C.E.  Was very confused by it liked some of it but overall I didn't take to it right away.  Then remember hearing Pardon Me on the radio and loved!  Picked up Make Yourself and again, I liked it and wanted to love it, but it was just all over the place and was a bit confusing.  Summer 2000, got tix for 311, Incubus, and Fishbone at Jones Beach.  3 of my all time faves. (Love Fishbone!)  Being eager to see Incubus, I was completely blown away at how great they sounded.  Probably the most technically perfect live band I'd ever seen, and I've seen A LOT of bands going back to my first ever show, The Bee Gees at MSG in 79' when I was in 3rd grade.   From that point on, they've been #1 and continue to blow me away.  Hoping to see them for the 9th time on Saturday at Jones Beach but we got a bad hurricane coming through and JB is lookin' to get pummeled. 

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