Well for some of you who has a vague idea of our country, the Philippines, here's a bit of an overview.


Back in the day, the Philippines has said to be first inhibited by Aetas, Indonesians and Malaysians. Trade among neighboring countries, such as China, Japan as well as with the Arabs and Indians had also taken place back in the day.  Later on, the country was colonized by the Spanish (for 300 years).


Okay, don't wanna bore you. So to cut the story short, our country, I could say, has been a mix of great cultures. Some words are derived and borrowed from those countries... So I suppose, if you are familiar of some of the given languages from the countries above, then this would all be easy for yah!


TIP: Usually, the words are pronounced as is, per syllable.




How are you?  -  Kamusta?      (trivia: Actually derived from the Spanish "Como Esta")

                     -  Musta? (slang)

                     -  Kamusta ka na? (more formal question. ka means you)

Good.          -  Mabuti.

Thank you.   - Salamat.

You're welcome. - Walang anuman.


Good Morning - Magandang umaga.

Good Afternoon - Magandang hapon.

Good Evening - Magandang gabi.


You are beautiful - Ikaw ay maganda.

                          - Ang ganda mo.

Beautiful - Maganda

Girl - Babae (pronounced as ba-ba-e >> where e is pronounced as eh without the h. gets?)

Boy - Lalaki

Beautiful girl - Magandang babae.

Good looking boy - Magandang lalaki.


*trivia: When speaking with someone who is older, the word "po" at the end of the sentence to address respect.


Good morning, Papa.  -  Magandang umaga po, Papa.

How much is this? - Magkano po ito?



Days of the week (derived from Spanish):

Sunday - Linggo / Domingo

Monday - Lunes

Tuesday - Martes

Wednesday - Miyerkules

Thursday - Huwebes

Friday - Biyernes

Saturday - Sabado




Where? - Saan? (pronounced as sa-an)

When? - Kailan? (pronounced as ka-i-lan)

Who? - Sino? (pronounced as sino)


Okay, there you have it guys! Until next time ;)

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Loving it! :D

I didn't know Tagalog was so similar to Spanish. That makes it much easier! :)

Thank you Kat. I would wanna know "tongue twister" in tagalog...

I love this ones ...


madadant lalaki

and specially I love how the days of a week are pretty same than spanish ;)  LOL miyerkules


I would like to learn: What are you waiting for? Be the change. Start now.


well tongue twister is a bit tough! haha

it is said to be "tabil" or "pamilipit dila" (the second one is a direct translation)


thanks for asking! :)


Oceana Light said:

Thank you Kat. I would wanna know "tongue twister" in tagalog...

@oceana: that's a difficult question there, "tongue twister", haha.. i should ask my Filipino teacher to translate that haha

               and for "What are you waiting for..." you can say it "Ano pa ang hinihintay mo? Maging ikaw ang pagbabago. Magsimula ngayon."


Ano - What

Hinihintay - waiting (as wait is the root word for present tense waiting, hintay is the root word, hinihintay is present tense)

mo - you


be- maging

change- pagbabago


start- magsimula

now- ngayon


hope this helps..haha


@nery and maris: yes we have many words that are derived from spanish! :D

What are you waiting for? - Ano pang hinihintay mo?

Be the change. Start now. - Simulan mo ang pagbabago. 

Kat, is this good enough? :D

Oceana Light said:
I would like to learn: What are you waiting for? Be the change. Start now.

Okay, so here at the HQ I was able to talk with someone from Singapore who apparently has a lot of Filipino friends. He was able to use some Tagalog words earlier, so I might as well update this forum :)


Cigarette - Sigarilyo (slang: Yosi)

Let's have a cigarette / Let's Smoke - Mag-sigarilyo tayo (slang: Yosi tayo)



Eat = Kain     / action word: Eating = Kumakain (take note of the prefix [kuma])      /  past participle: Have Eaten = Kumain  / past tense: Ate = Kumain      / Future tense: To Eat - Kakain

You = ka

Yet = pa

Have you already eaten? - Kumain ka na ba? (pronounced as ku-ma-in ka na ba)

Not yet. - Hindi pa.

When are you going to eat? - Kailan ka kakain?

Now. - Ngayon.

Later - Mamaya (actually derived from Spanish word Mañana... the best way I could explain/relate this is via the trivia: in the Philippines, there is what we call the Manaña Habit which means a habit of putting things-to-be-done aside and continuing it either later, tomorrow, or another time indefinitely.)


And now, the common word which needs to be translated everywhere... How to say "I Love You."

I Love You = Mahal Kita.

breaking it down:

Love = Mahal

You = Kita


of course you should answer it back with

I Love You Too - Mahal rin kita. / Mahal din kita.

Too = Rin / Din


Okay guys! Have fun! xoxox

i'm only getting used to the HQ site now (and very slowly too haha I only get to check here once in a while) and I found this amusing post! :)


hi kat!:) might I add another translation for love:

Love = Pag-ibig

I love you = Iniibig kita (this phrase, mostly used poetically)

I love you all = Mahal ko kayo / Mahal ko kayong lahat 

We love you all = Mahal namin kayong lahat (just in case, the band gets to read this and maybe use the line when they get here in July haha! Hello Mike, Jose, Kilmore, Ben and Brandon, Mahal ko kayo, ang inyong sining at musika! :D)


ibig (root word) = love or want

iniibig = the verb love or loving

kayo = collective "you"

lahat = all

namin = we

inyo = collective "your"

sining = art

musika = music (though you might have guessed that already)


*Trivia: Interestingly, "mahal" also means expensive in Tagalog. I wonder why? ;)

Katrina, this is very interesting. Because in Malay the word "mahal" means expensive. "Kita" means "us". So when you say "Mahal kita," in tagalog it would mean i love you, but in Malay it would mean that both of us are expensive! lol
so that's why we have two meanings for "mahal" :) as Kat said, the early Malays are one of our ancestors. Now I wonder how we came to mean it as "love"



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