Surface To Air NOT on album, how does that make you feel?

With Mike letting fans know that Surface To Air will NOT be on "If Not Now, When?", I find it a let down. I don't care how good the the songs on the record might be, I personally thought the song had top 10 Incubus songs of all time potential!


I mean sure, the song is going to get released in some form, but I enjoy listening to albums from start to finish. I don't like the concept of making my own personal playlist for an album, especially when that's not going to work on vinyl.


Just my two cents, I still think the album will be great as is.

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I think that song could definitely be on a movie soundtrack.  Hopefully a better movie than Stealth (no offense, the music was great though!)
This song has really grown on me, wasn't a big fan at first, but from what I'm hearing is that we won't miss it too much in comparison to the tracks that did make the record. Still hoping we get a studio version of this somehow.

I didnt like surface to air tbh, i feel relived it's not on there, seemed basic and un interesting, i love adolecents though!!!

I am a pretty disappointed. I really love this song. Hopefully it will be released at the same time as the album and we don't have to wait a long time for it.
It makes me feel ok!...maybe they thought that it wasn't good enough for the album!...I have a feeling that the album is more complex musically than "Surface to Air" i don;t know! :)

"Surface To Air" in my opinion is "the quintessential Incubus" that Brandon spoke about in the Facebook blog. I look forward to hearing it in any way because I intend to pre-order multiple copies to add to the smogasbord of 'Bus paraphanelia. I love the distinctive lyrics. Maybe I've missed a trick, but it does sound like it was written in tribute to the Chilean miners?


Thanks for this beautiful tune and I will continue to watch the HD video with great excitement and awe.

I did actually mean Website. Can't keep track of the bands online presence as it is so far reaching and fan oriented unlike many other bands.

I agree; I was at smokeout too, and I was really happy to hear a new song, but ended up feeling underwhelmed. the miner's concert version was a lot more polished, so you should check it out! it's a good song...but I am hoping for a little more on the album.


plus, maybe they'll put it on the next one!


Susan Bohemin said:

it's ok...i like Adolescents much more & hope that the other songs will be better than Surface To Air.  I did hear them play Surface @ Smokeout...maybe hearing a studio version would change my mind but it was not up to par for Incubus in my mind, kind of bland.



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