Surface To Air NOT on album, how does that make you feel?

With Mike letting fans know that Surface To Air will NOT be on "If Not Now, When?", I find it a let down. I don't care how good the the songs on the record might be, I personally thought the song had top 10 Incubus songs of all time potential!


I mean sure, the song is going to get released in some form, but I enjoy listening to albums from start to finish. I don't like the concept of making my own personal playlist for an album, especially when that's not going to work on vinyl.


Just my two cents, I still think the album will be great as is.

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I bet we'll have to buy the Japanese editions (^o^)/
I think I'm not sure how it makes me feel.  I think I like the song but the only version I've been exposed to is that live version from the concert for the miners, which is awesome quality for a live song but's still live, and it sounds like they were still learning how to play it.  I would really like to hear it studio-version but I am not crushed by the idea that it won't be on there since the other songs are new, too, and I am looking forward to them.
As long as we hear the studio version as a b-side or japanese track someday I'll be content with the live version until then.
I'm ok with it. It's a great song, but that just means there's more songs we'll get to hear. I am glad Tomorrow's Food is on there though, I only have a bad quality version off Youtube taken from someone's camcorder, and it's a gorgeous song.

I think is great!

If surface to air doesn't pass the cut, means all the other songs are better! that can't be wrong!

If this turns out to be like leaving Look Alive and Punch Drunk off of LG then I'm going to be very very sad.
i agree with you.. d wait is torturing hahahaha

Alexis Ivan Vranken said:

I think is great!

If surface to air doesn't pass the cut, means all the other songs are better! that can't be wrong!

it's ok...i like Adolescents much more & hope that the other songs will be better than Surface To Air.  I did hear them play Surface @ Smokeout...maybe hearing a studio version would change my mind but it was not up to par for Incubus in my mind, kind of bland.
Doesn't bother me, I'm not a huge fan of this song

Mr Torres,


I saw your post and wanted to say that I love Surface to Air just like you. I actually watch the vid from the Miners Concert all the time. But I will tell you that when I listen to the whole album I don't miss it. I don't miss it at all. That's not to say that I wouldn't want to see them play it live because I would. That's not to say its not a great song. I think it is. But in the context of the record I don't miss it. Once the record comes out ( a couple of months earlier than was originally discussed with Sony) I'll be interested to hear your opinion. No matter what its always fun to hear your take on things.


it's maybe a little disappointing, but i think i'll live as long as there is a mastered version of the song.
I'd still be down to buy it.

David デヴィッド said:
I bet we'll have to buy the Japanese editions (^o^)/



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