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since we have many artists among us and surely many we would like to recommend to others, I thought a little art thread would be nice.


So go: talk Art!

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This is VHILS (Portuguese Artist)



From dawn to flight, the earth carries us on her wings. We sing. We fight. We burn our promises into the ground. The song, the sound of a life half played, we echo those places in the darkness. We are the shadows of space time. Breaking bones and emotions laced with laughter, we fear the unknown. We fear our natural progression - ashes to ashes cloud our collective peace. If only we could touch the other side. My God if only....


^ That is very beautiful & profound youreyesandmine

Neil Harbisson -  artist  Hearing Color: Neil Harbisson, Cyborg

Having achromatopsia, he can only hear colours thru' an implant. Inspiring & amazing!




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