To the person who believes in now-ism I challenge you to contradict the following: 'A common factor in depression is self-absorbed now-ism. Anger is often fueled by a self-righteous now-ism. Fear and anxiety are strengthened by an obsession with the here and now. Maturity and perseverance are weakened by a ¨now¨ mentality'

p.s. I don't expect anyone to read this (much less respond). I just wanted to express myself.

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I am curious about this, please expand on this point.

I'm plainly stating that ¨now-ism¨ is flawed. (Thank you Dashawnda for reading and replying, and thus exceeding my expectations!)

If I renounce all thoughts and emptiness fills my cup you might as well call me Mrs. Void.

A permanent state of nothingness, perfectly fitting if you want to go nowhere.

The now-here movement is essentially not a movement at all, if you ask me, even an ant would win this competition being the wiser victor in the end.

Whether we like it or not, there is a season for everything, ¨a time for every purpose and for every work.¨

If your priority is vanity, then ¨now¨ is looking at you in the mirror.

I'm the first to admit to being shortsided and self-absorbed, but I know that ¨God's primary goal is not changing our situations and relationships so that we can be happy, but changing us through our situations and relationships so that we will be holy,¨ in other words, to be whole and complete.

It's funny how The Warmth lyrics come to mind, (though I change one word): ¨Remember why you came and why you're alive.¨ I say this because ¨now-ism¨ makes us forget who we really are.

Mind officially blown! That was very brilliant! I have nothing to add of value, because anything I might say may just sound simple and shallow as compared to the deep insights you just shared. Thank you for those beads of wisdom.
Ahh ha I googled spiritual myopia, and now I understand what you mean.

The Man above sends His regards to you, you know who you are. I guess U2 was "talking" to the lead singer of INXS through this song. Yeah, this is for you.



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