Here is a chance to try to make your favorite rock songs win.  Songs will be battled against each other, than the next player chooses their favorite and puts another song against them and so on.

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My mom approves Faithfully!

I'm going to admit. I'm busting out a tear of joy myself....  "I'm forever yours... faithfully"

Faithfully (Journey) VS. Hysteria (Def Leppard)

Faithfully (Journey) VS Burning Heart (Survivor)

Faithfully (Journey) vs. Is This Love (Whitesnake).... most fitting being the year of the Snake....shedding new skin, new beginnings (Ojibwe traditions)

oh thats a real battle there...

Whitesnake  vs  Heart

Still of the Night (Whitesnake)  vs  Crazy on You (Heart)

was driving down the street and it hit me....strange...that i didn't post songs with the bands.

so here i am again, FYI :)

ohh that's a toughie....I love both songs.

Is This Love (Whitesnake) Vs.  Kiss (Prince)

Is this Love (Whitesnake)  vs  King of Pain (The Police)

Is It Love (Whitesnake) vs. Revolution (Beatles)



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