"Incubus is a total sell out!"

"What happened to S.C.I.E.N.C.E?!"

"They've changed so much.."

These are the typical complaints we hear about 'If Not Now, When?'. But In my opinion, they are not valid.

To address these issues, I think it is completely clear that Incubus is still Incubus. I have watched almost every interview that Incubus has done, and when I watch one from the 'Enjoy Incubus/S.C.I.E.N.C.E' era and then a recent one they haven't seemed to change at all. In fact, the band is as humble as they ever were. They are still funny, and ridiculously intelligent. This is so remarkably impressive that a band can still stay the same, and together for the most part (Aside from Dirk Lance/Ben Kenney. Oh! And DJ Lyfe..)after almost 20 years of being together!

But, I agree that their sound has changed. But is that not expected after almost 20 years of a band? And they do not have an entirely different sound. I recently burned a CD for one of my teachers who only knew the 'MTV' era Incubus, and he said it was absolutely clear that it was still Incubus.

Their music hasn't "sold-out", it has matured. The level of 'musical craftmenship' in 'If Not Now, When?' is exceptional.I can barely listen to it because it fills me up with so much emotion! Each one of the band members has a talent that 95% of today's bands lack.

Brandon was obviously built to sing for his whole life. His voice hasn't worn after almost 20 years a single bit, and none of the albums has had an edit on his voice.And his lyrics? Awe-amazing.

Mike is probably the best guitar player of our generation.

Jose can play drums like no other.

Kilmore is so talented. He can do everything from playing a piano, to creating incredible sounds through DJing. (Incorrect term?)

And Ben Kenny is one of the most under-rated musical artists. His solo music is crazy good, and his Incubus creations are equal. Most "replacement band members" don't work out. It's usually evident that the person is a fill in. But Ben Kenny, completely fits in with Incubus. He plays the old stuff like he was there for it, and A Crow, Light Grenades, and IFNW wouldn't be the same without him.

So I think it's safe to say, that Incubus will always change their sound around because they mature and change. They are notoriously talented, and they are THEEE best.<3

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       There's no doubt that Incubus is a great band, and always will be, They are all some of the best musicians to ever get together and make music. They are all virtuosos at their gift. They may not have changed as a band, but their music has definitely changed, or evolved over the years into a different sound every album. It happens, sometimes for good, sometimes for not so good. Every person has different taste. Shouldn't knock the band for changing, but you also shouldn't knock somebody for being disapointed, they can't help it.

       Led Zeppelin, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and so many other bands have done the exact same thing. Theres actually not too many long-lasting bands out there that do not eventually grow, besides maybe AC/DC. hahaha. I like them, too though.

       That being said, I definitely have favourite albums from all my favourite artists, and theres nothing wrong with that. Theres nothing wrong with disliking anything that doesn't appeal to your taste, and sharing that, either. If Not Now, When? is an album I liked, but not anywhere near as much as Morning View, or Make Yourself. There are a few excellent songs on it, though, like Defiance, and Isadore.

      Anyways, rant done. Peace inside and out



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