"Incubus is a total sell out!"

"What happened to S.C.I.E.N.C.E?!"

"They've changed so much.."

These are the typical complaints we hear about 'If Not Now, When?'. But In my opinion, they are not valid.

To address these issues, I think it is completely clear that Incubus is still Incubus. I have watched almost every interview that Incubus has done, and when I watch one from the 'Enjoy Incubus/S.C.I.E.N.C.E' era and then a recent one they haven't seemed to change at all. In fact, the band is as humble as they ever were. They are still funny, and ridiculously intelligent. This is so remarkably impressive that a band can still stay the same, and together for the most part (Aside from Dirk Lance/Ben Kenney. Oh! And DJ Lyfe..)after almost 20 years of being together!

But, I agree that their sound has changed. But is that not expected after almost 20 years of a band? And they do not have an entirely different sound. I recently burned a CD for one of my teachers who only knew the 'MTV' era Incubus, and he said it was absolutely clear that it was still Incubus.

Their music hasn't "sold-out", it has matured. The level of 'musical craftmenship' in 'If Not Now, When?' is exceptional.I can barely listen to it because it fills me up with so much emotion! Each one of the band members has a talent that 95% of today's bands lack.

Brandon was obviously built to sing for his whole life. His voice hasn't worn after almost 20 years a single bit, and none of the albums has had an edit on his voice.And his lyrics? Awe-amazing.

Mike is probably the best guitar player of our generation.

Jose can play drums like no other.

Kilmore is so talented. He can do everything from playing a piano, to creating incredible sounds through DJing. (Incorrect term?)

And Ben Kenny is one of the most under-rated musical artists. His solo music is crazy good, and his Incubus creations are equal. Most "replacement band members" don't work out. It's usually evident that the person is a fill in. But Ben Kenny, completely fits in with Incubus. He plays the old stuff like he was there for it, and A Crow, Light Grenades, and IFNW wouldn't be the same without him.

So I think it's safe to say, that Incubus will always change their sound around because they mature and change. They are notoriously talented, and they are THEEE best.<3

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Totally agree, that's what kept me off of chat early after the album was released. I didn't want to hear the negativity.... especially before I really had a chance to absorb all the songs and form my own impressions. Anyway, I think the true fans shine in the end.

Obviously people can't expect them to still put out an album like SCIENCE or even MY, but I can understand why a lot of people do not like INNW as I am one of them.  This was the biggest shift in their sound they have ever done and I think it takes balls to attempt something like this.  To me it seems like an experiment they just felt they needed to do, but not one that I think was successful. 

It is not fair to say someone is not a true fan because they are not happy with the direction the band went.  I respect their decision to write and play the music they want to but it is definitely my least favorite album. 

I will still always love Incubus and I'm willing to bet with the next album will be much more quintessential Incubus.

You may be a true fan in your eyes Tom, but you also may be cheating yourself as a fan by any type of dimissal. I don't believe you just simply "dont like it" I also belive you resent them a tad for making it. I'm betting you will mature one day and understand it like a you have any of their Lp's...Enjoy Incubus...Every Time!

Well put.

I definitely see what you are saying. As long as you respect their decision to branch out, you are a true fan. But the ignorant people who have no respect for their change bother me.

Not sure how people figure they've sold out when S.C.I.E.N.C.E. has sold more copies than If Not Now When? Granted it's had more time to sell but Incubus has been doing progressively worse in record sales which indicates to me that all of the "loyal fans" who claim the band is making "music to the masses" don't realize how mainstream Incubus was ten years ago.

its ok to want a band to stay the same, sound the same.  it explains the very existance of some bands*...for ppl who enjoy a style of music or a certain sound that meets their expectations every time a new offering is presented.  Predictability can be a great source of comfort.

My comfort, pertaining to Incubus is found in knowing they WON'T become predictable.

*think ac/dc (no disrespect)

”They define themselves as they grow”. BB explains it pretty well in this interview. <3

One word, evolution! they are evolving, they are still the same but have evolved. I have noticed that they are still the same incubus with intelligent and deep lyrics. Their sound has grown. True fans can apreciate this, and still be touched by the quality and meaningful message that INNW is putting out. I never met an Incubus song that i didn't like. Upon deeper listening to the words, and turning down the bull shit of nay sayers and fairweather fans, and turning up the volume to your listening device anyone could fall in love with INNW. It's truely inspirational.

I think the title says it all, if they don't release this album, then when will it be??.  these guys seemed like they totally knew what they were doing and how risky it would be, so they just went for it. Personally, I love this album. I love how each incubus album can capture a different time of my life, and this album does just that. I can't wait to see what they decide to do next

Great album..Nuff said.

I must admit, when I first listened to the new CD, I skimmed through every song and my expectations were to hear something that shadowed the sounds of SCIENCE. I put the CD on the back burner. Then, I listened to it over again, and fell in love with it.  Incubus has not disappointed their fans and I've always loved the fact that each CD has its own unique sound and vibe. This is what makes them rise above most bands in today's music scene.  So, for me, I'm sorry for doubting the new CD based on first time impressions by just skimming through it instead of appreciating it.  I am in love with so many of new songs and I know many people can relate to them on such personal levels, including myself.  

Much love and appreciation for their music over the decades, starting from promoting them on radio "back in the day". Forever the Canadian street team! :) oo



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